About bathroom home remodeling addition plans, you definitely have on your list getting yourself a new and stylish bathtub, especially if you’ve always wanted to have one. Although having a shower is enough to get clean whenever you are really in a hurry, the bathtub can really give you a relaxing feel if you have extra time to dive in. Bathtubs are like mini pools that are not only space where you can wash but is also a place that gives your entire body a soothing and refreshing aftermath. It lets you ease down and meditate while enjoying the little “me” time.

But before you give your bathroom a renovation go, you have to make sure that what you are replacing it with or installing is what you really need and is compatible with your space.


Aside from the cleaning function, bathtubs can also do other things which you should be aware of.

  • Standard.

The standard bathtub is the basic built-in shower and tub in one. It’s the most affordable type and can be purchased from local home depots and centers.

  • Air Tubs and Whirlpool.

If you wanted to experience a bath-massage with a therapeutic effect the air tub and whirlpool is what you need. The whirlpool blasts water through the tub jets while the air tub reinforces soothing air into the water. The whirlpool alone happens to be more expensive than the air tub so together they are a bit pricey.

  • Soaking.

The soaking tub gives your body more room to be submerged as you bath. It can also be freestanding or built-in depending on your preference.

  • Walk-In.

If you have kids or elderly family members in the house, it would be risky for them to climb in and out of the tub as it can be slippery. The best option is the walk-in tubs to keep your family safe.


Bathtubs can really be a focal point in any bathrooms, especially if it is uniquely designed. However, tub materials can also play a big role in how you can enjoy the benefits of having a bathtub for the price that fits your budget and lifestyle.

  • Acrylic

This light-weight-glossy plastic material looks like a cast iron that can be easily formed which is used for air tubs and whirlpools. It’s also easier to repair compared to the porcelain tub material.

  • Fiberglass

This material uses gelcoat in order to make it look more glossy. The fiberglass material is also known as the fiberglass-reinforced plastic or FRP. It’s easier to clean and is much cheaper than the acrylic, though it’s not as durable as the other materials and can easily crack once hit by a hard element.

  • Composite

This genuinely-engineered enamel coated material is resistant to heat just like the cast iron tubs. Because of this, it makes it one of the best choices by higher-classed household.

  • Cultured Marble

The cultured marble is a solid element that was formed from crushed marble with resin and coated with gelcoat. Although scratches and stains can easily be removed from this type of material, cracks could no longer be repaired.

  • Porcelain on Steel

If you wanted a tub that has high resistance to heat but is also lightweight, you need the porcelain-on-steel tub material. It is also impervious to rusts and breakage.

  • Cast Iron

If you are after durability and a tub that can last longer then the cast iron bathtub is what you need. That is also if you don’t mind the extra weight when filled with water.

  • Copper

Well, if you wanted your bathroom to be the real focal point in your home, the copper tub will do that for you. In fact, your guests might only want to come over just to see your bathroom.



Having a bathtub can really make a difference not only in your home interior but with your lifestyle as well. Installing one is not just for a show-off, but for health benefits too. It’s a therapy to the body and soul once you are soaked in water with essential oils and aroma that can really relax and soothe you inside and out. So if you have a long overdue plan of remodeling your bathroom contact your home remodeling architects DC and start talking about the details. It’s about time to put your dreams into reality.