Retail and Commercial Remodeling in Washington DC & Northern Virginia

Whether you own or lease your commercial retail space, you might benefit from investing in a remodel if you notice a number of outdated features, poor storage solutions, and other issues that may be preventing an optimal shopping experience for customers. Unlike residential remodeling, commercial remodeling projects for retail spaces can have a nearly immediate return on investment with greater customer interest and higher sales. Therefore, it’s essential to choose an experienced and trusted Washington, D.C. area remodeling company like WE DESIGN BUILD to take on your project. Our team includes designers, architects, and builders who can guide you through every step of the remodeling process to ensure that your vision comes to life in your store.

When to Consider Commercial Remodeling

The timing of your remodel is important, because you may need to close your doors during renovation or have significant layout changes in your store as construction takes place. Therefore, it’s usually best to schedule a remodel during the off-season for your store. Signs that you could benefit from a remodel include poor customer feedback related to the shopping experience, employee complaints about the space, and the need to expand to a larger storefront.

What to Include in Your Remodel

Before you schedule a design consultation with a commercial remodeling company, you will probably have some ideas in mind for renovating your space. As you consider what to include in the remodel of your retail property, be sure to pick trends carefully, because you will likely not be remodeling for at least another decade. While a modern appeal is important, it is also essential to include these timeless components for an effectively designed space:

  • Branding Elements – Customers should feel like they are in your store when they walk inside, which makes branding an important aspect of the overall design. Large retail chains all have a distinctive look inside of their stores, which is created by the right layout, color choices, and architectural features.
  • Inviting Spaces – If you have the room to include space that is not strictly designated to shopping, customers might feel more welcome inside of your store. Small details like seating areas or interactive displays can go a long way in getting people into your store, so it is helpful to include these elements in your design.
  • Intuitive Layout – An experienced remodeling company will inform you of the best elements for an intuitive layout that allows customers to easily find that they need and explore items they might not otherwise look at.

To get your retail remodel project in motion, call WE DESIGN BUILD at (202) 333-3422 or (703) 288-3090. We provide a wide range of commercial and residential renovation and remodeling services, and we have been serving the greater Washington, D.C. and Northern Virginia area for nearly 30 years.