We Design Build Architects – Builders offers the following process for your project.

  1. Once we receive the inquiry, an architect principal will follow up with the client to set up a free consultation session (face to face meeting) at the project site.
  2. During that consultation session, we will see the premises and discuss the needs and offer advice on the spot. This is an interactive session where we also sketch a concept design if feasible then offer rough order of magnitude budget and approximate timeline for the project design, permit, and construction. We also go over credentials, share similar experiences that may help the project.
  3. Following consultation session, we follow up with a design – build agreement defining the project scope, budget and timeline.
  4. Once the 50% of design is complete we prepare a detailed cost estimate to replace the budget. We discuss the design priorities, choices of materials and make adjustments to design, and the adjust the overall cost as directed.
  5. Upon approval of design and cost, we proceed with second phase of design and complete permit and construction drawings.
  6. We take care of the permits and secure approvals from the local governments.
  7. Upon permit issuance, we mobilize our crews, and tradesmen to do the construction.
  8. During construction phase, the principal architect will oversee the project and will manage the process with the support of project manager and site managers. We will manage and coordinate all trades, supplies, installations and inspections. We conduct periodical progress meetings to discuss the project with the client.
  9. Upon substantial completion, we will review the project with the client and develop a punch list. Upon completion of the punch list work, the project will final completed and turned over to the client.