One of the most awaited festivity is just waving around the corner – THANKSGIVING! Who isn’t excited about it, right? Just imagine the enticing food that will be served and shared with the whole family and friends that would like to share the event with you. But before you get all psyched make sure to check with your home addition design experts about certain home improvement details that you need to deal with before the big day arrives.

Remember, Thanksgiving is not just about the food served on the table but is also about the ambiance of your home – both interior and exterior.


Thanksgiving is one of the best days all over America. It’s a holiday that gives tribute and honor to American history and one way of celebrating it is through a festive Thanksgiving feast.


You probably have so much in mind on how you can bring the Thanksgiving atmosphere into your home, but in order to avoid being short or way too over about decorations, here are some tips for you.

  • Start With The Senses.

When it comes to Thanksgiving decors, start with the variety of colors that are pleasing to your eyes. How about adding some scent or aroma of corn stalks both on your porch and in your backyard area. Then don’t forget to play some music that will boost the sound of the Thanksgiving spirit and let it be heard all throughout your house.

  • Stick To The Shades Of Thanksgiving.

The basic colors of Thanksgiving are purple, green or even green, red, brown, orange, and yellow. If you happen to be packing your Halloween decors, you can leave the corn stalks, leave, and pumpkins behind because they also add up to the Thanksgiving spirit. You can also have two different kinds of pumpkins as a centerpiece in your living room or dining area. Do not forget to have those hues visible on your pillows, placemats, tablecloths and fabrics, doormats and a lot more.

  • Of Course, Flowers Are In.

Just so you know, flowers are the highlight of the Thanksgiving vibe. They are the symbol of the festivity. Filling your home with blooms of different kinds will totally set the mood as well as dried leaves decorated in your own artistic way is a plus factor.

  • Let There Be Light!

Definitely! One way of setting a great Thanksgiving mood is your lighting effects. You can make use of candles and place them where you wanted to highlight the shades of Thanksgiving. You can also put candles on your backyard hangout spot for a more inviting mood.

  • Don’t Forget The Fruit And Vegetable Basket.

You can decorate them at the center of your dining table – both indoors and outdoors to complete the entire Thanksgiving set up.

  • Set Up A Memorabilia Area

Why not set up a trip down memory lane by placing or adding family photos in your living room area. You can bring out the old pictures of your great-grandparents or your family pics during your celebration of Thanksgiving – then and now. That would be really nostalgic.

  • Finalize Your Project With A Thanksgiving Wreath.

Hanging a wreath on your front door is one way of introducing the Thanksgiving spirit to your guests. It is your way of spreading the great Thanksgiving vibes to every member of your family as well as with your neighbors.


The moment you have finished collaborating your Thanksgiving decoration project with all these elements, you will surely be stoked on the outcome of it. Not to mention that you have used some cost-effective measures in order to avoid spending so much for just the decorations alone. With the many affordable home additions Washington DC that you can choose and apply to your haven, there is no need to be impulsive and spend so much. In fact, decorating with the whole family is the best way to bond with them, especially if you have kids, you can take that opportunity to train them how to treasure such holiday or festivity which they will carry with them until they grow up. Make the decorating moment enjoyable by talking about fun experiences and Thanksgiving stories, besides this feast is for the family and it’s a tradition that should never be broken.