When installing a lighting system in your home, your home remodeling architects will be deciding the right bulbs and lighting style that is perfect for the different rooms in your house. See, each and every room in your home has different personalities plus, the character of the one using the room and the family that is living in it.

There are various bulb styles and fixtures that you can choose from that will really make you feel like you wanted them all, yet just like what they say “you simply can’t have it all”, why? Because a lighting style is specifically designed for a specific room type and area.


When it comes to bulbs there are three types that you should be aware of:

  • The Incandescent

The known traditional bulb that everyone has used for ages. This bulb, however, is slowly being phased out to give way to the more energy-saver ones. This type of bulb produces a yellowing warm light.

  • The Compact Fluorescent Bulbs

This bulb uses less energy than incandescent bulbs and can be used longer. Their lights are cooler though varies in brightness and temperature levels. They do contain mercury, which means you have to dispose of them the safest way possible.

  • The LEDs

The most used bulb nowadays because they are as adequate as CFLs, but they last longer. They are commonly used as task lighting before because of their harsh light emission, but now they can look like incandescent and have other bulb styles too. They are more energy efficient and can be touched as well.


Now that you are aware of the different types of bulbs and the level of brightness that you wanted, it’s time for you to choose the kind of room fixture together with where you can and should be using them.

  • The Ceiling Mount
    • A common ambient lighting that is best in hallways, foyers, work areas, bedrooms, and stairways.
  • The Chandeliers
    • Used as ambient or general lighting, this fixture is ideal in bedrooms and dining rooms. Remember that a lighting fixture with an intricate design will automatically appear larger or bigger. Its grandeur will stand out when used in high ceilings.
  • The Wall-Mounted
    • This wall-mounted fixture is like a candlestick design lamp or sconces. They are used in any room as ambient, task, or accent lighting system. This kind of fixture is used in bathrooms in the vanity area.
  • The Pendant
    • You can often see this fixture style in dining room areas, countertops or workstations. It works efficiently as a task or general lighting because since it’s hanging its glare focuses directly on what you are doing.
  • The Recessed
    • This fixture can be installed anywhere and its brightness depends on where you will be installing it. Recessed lightings are used as general, accent or task lighting.
  • The Track Lighting
    • It works like a spotlight and is versatile enough to be rotated in any direction you prefer. It can also be installed anywhere to just illuminate your room or any specific area in the house. It is often used to highlight an artwork or space.
  • The Table Lamps
    • For the most part table lamps are used in bedrooms as task lighting and in the living room as accent lighting. The general rule here is that the lamp should not be more than the height of its table while its shade should not exceed the diameter of the table where its placed.

The Bottom Line

The variety of fixtures require a dimension of bulb types too. So if you have chosen a specific lighting fixture, determine the kind of bulb it needs. You also have to consider the size when scouting for a fixture because having a fixture that is too small or too big has a big impact on how the room will look. The architects’ builder DC has the eye to spot the right fixture and bulb for your entire home. They can professionally assess the best lighting system in both your indoor and outdoor space. The rooms, most importantly, are their priority and should reflect its characteristics based on the kind of fixture the experts have chosen. It’s easy to pick a lighting style and a bulb, but its effect to the room is what matters the most.