A home renovation is not complete without the lightings that will illuminate the beauty and success of the aftermath. Your home remodeling architects are trained and experienced enough to supply your home, not only with the stylish set of lighting there is now in the market, but the right and appropriate lights that will complement your home and your needs.

The Main Types Of Lighting That You Should Know

Okay, so if you go out to a home retailer store or a home depot only to find a handful of unique and amazing lighting designs there is definitely that part of you that wanted to take them all home and use them in your newly renovated turf. However, that is not always the same, which is also a mistake made by most homeowners who do not seek a home remodeling expert and prefers to apply their DIY-ing skills. With the many lighting out there in the market, you will really get confused what and which to choose that will fit the rooms in your home.

Luckily, here is a guide for you that will explain the three (3) major lighting types you need to know in order for you to pick the right lighting fixture to achieve the desired brightness inside your home.

AMBIENT LIGHTING (Universal Lighting)

The ambient light is considered the most common lighting type that emits a gentle glow around your space without establishing a blinding light. The “natural” light from this system is what cinematographers and photographers prefer in their subject space. When it comes to the aspect of ornament, the ambient light is just basic, although you can create it by having the room’s flare as flat and as rustic as you wanted it to be. Yet, the ambient is not suggested for working area or if you wanted to point up things around your area.

  • Atmosphere:

The moment you have figured out the right way of using the ambient light, you can easily create a relaxing environment within your abode to overcome stress or just to have a great conversation with family and friends over a hot cup of tea or coffee. It’s a mood lighting since it gently emphasizes the shape of your face and lets your pupils dilate naturally which is a sign of affection. Even yoga studios are starting to use ambient lighting to help clients curb off their stress.


How to Achieve the Ambient lighting environment? Use the following lights:

  • Recessed or Tracked Lights
  • Chandeliers and Pendants
  • Wall Sconces and Wall Lights


The task lighting is a more centered lighting system which is used around a working area. Others call it an “office lighting” because its purpose is to create a glow that can help you see the work you are doing like reading, writing, sewing, cooking, and other things which requires your visual attention. To achieve a productive task lighting, you have to set it up as a contrasting light. Like if you are in a barely lit room, turn on a table lamp and it will illuminate the entire room with less glare but is enough to help you in your tasks.

  • Atmosphere:

The task lighting works as a brain stimulant. Having a contrasting lighting helps you to become more focused and alert. It enables you to be more aware of the details in your work that will give out better quality.


How to Achieve the Task lighting environment? Use the following lights:

  • Floor lamps, Desk lamps, and Swing arm lamps
  • Vanity lights or Under the cabinet lights
  • Track lights and Pendants


This type of lighting adds drama and ambiance into any home. It serves as a focus light because it draws the attention of your sight to a specific area where the light is installed. It actually highlights items on display like wall paintings or artworks, bookcase displays, some furniture, collections, wall washing, and the entire artistry of your home.

  • Atmosphere:

If you wanted a more sophisticated glow inside your home, the accent lighting is what you need. It shows everyone how much you value a certain piece that is on display. You can notice this kind of lighting in art shows, historical establishments, and museums.


How to Achieve the Accent lighting environment? Use the following lights:

  • Wall lights
  • Spotlighting and Recessed lighting
  • Landscape lighting (for outdoors)


The lighting system is one of the most important elements when undergoing a home renovation. It is like the “open curtain” after the much-awaited makeover. And with the right set of lights, you are guaranteed that the entire home will be illuminated just the way it should be.  Thanks to your retail store contractors  Washington, DC who made sure that your lighting system is something you will be truly grateful for.