Looking at your fireplace area gives you the feeling that you need to call your home remodeling architects. It’s like giving you a message that it needs a refashioning, but you just don’t know where to start. Especially this winter season, fireplaces are the best source of heat within the household. It is also where you mostly spend time with your cup of tea or coffee while relaxing. If you happen to have a big space by your fireplace it is also where you gather around with family or friends and share some good laughs, chats and sometimes fun games.

There are also other homeowners who also add an outdoor fireplace either by the patio or at the poolside area. With a lot of fireplace designs coming out its flexibility is can already give you the assurance that there is no “right” place for it for as long as it can serve its purpose. Now, with the need of your fireside to be remodeled, you have to find inspiration from the following ideas that will guide you on how you can give a new look to your common-looking fireplace.


– Use An Attention Seeking Mantle.

Every plain-looking fireplaces need an element that can draw the crowd’s attention. An antique or vintage-looking wooden mantle can set a warm tone within the area and can transform your living room into a focal point. By doing that it will not only be your furnaces that will be a head-turner but the fireplace most especially.

– Try A Stylish Hearth Screen.

You may not notice it at first, but a fireplace screen can really add a statement to the area where it is standing. It creates a scenario where it is being protective of the people that will be gathering close to the hearth while at the same time shows how attractive it become.

– The Contrasting Color Approach.

Painting the surrounding area of your fireplace can compliment the fireside and furniture around it. Like if your fireplace is black, you can paint the walls with the shades of gray while everything else in the room is wearing blue and white tones.

– Surround It With Artworks And Paintings.

If you’re a lover of the arts and everything else about this craft, then placing some abstract paintings over your fireplace can instantly draw attention. Anyone who enters the room can have their attention fixated on the attractive colors and design of the artwork itself. Prices of an artwork vary so you really have to be a wise spender if you wanted to keep your makeover on the less costly side.

– Make Use Of Rustic Wood.

Using reclaimed wood can transform any place or furniture into a vintage piece that tells so much story. And if you use it to remodel your fireplace it will definitely bring out a different character and drama. Keep the entire room in style and your fireplace can already take care of itself.



Stick To Black And White.

Modern homes never set aside the B&W color scheme and theme because it has so much to showcase about elegance and class. So if you wanted to give your fireplace a different vibe, the black fireside with a bright plain white wall can already do the rest of the job for you. Just keep your furnishings in neutral shades and everything else will stand out.

The Classic Gloss.

Glossy red paint is perfect if you have your fireplace embedded in a wooden structure. It brings out a classic touch that doesn’t easily age. Keep the paint plain, while adding an abstract or floral wallpaper on some areas of the room will take care of the statement.

Keep It Natural.

Using fine indoor masonry to decorate your fireplace is a great idea. By using natural colored stones while keeping the rest of your furniture plain and simple with some touch of bright contrasting colors will transform any room into an inviting abode.

Make A Statement With Tiles.

If you can use stones or wood to design your fireplace, then you can definitely use tiles. Be creative with the color and the tile pattern that you will be using for your fireside and it will already become the focal point of your living room.


Fireplaces are common in many homes, but some seek the expertise of home addition companies DC to redo their existing fireplace, add an additional one, or transfer it to another part of the house. Your fireplace area is as important as any other room in your house, so giving it a makeover will give you a special satisfaction you’ve always wanted.