COVID-19 forced people to stay indoors, whether they like it or not. A lot of businesses closed in the meantime, including gyms and health and wellness centers. Even planning on building a home addition needs to take a back seat for now. In other words, this pandemic has already affected much of our usual routines and it seems that we have to get used to it.

Staying fit in the middle of a pandemic

We all know how important it is to keep ourselves healthy and fit. That is why there are a lot of health and fitness centers in every neighborhood corner. Others go for a morning or evening run or pedal their bikes around town as part of their fitness routines.

However, all of these changed when COVID-19 appeared out of nowhere and spread like wildfire. People’s daily routines have been drastically disrupted due to the virus. Weekend parties and out of town travels were prohibited, and people have to shelter in place.

Running outdoors is strongly discouraged as well, although there are some people who still do. Nevertheless, staying fit and healthy is a lot of challenging these days. People can only dream of having a home gym built by professional home addition companies.

Having a home gym is possible

Then again, having your own home gym is possible. It doesn’t have to be full-scale and fancy like in many popular gyms and health and fitness centers. On a side note, there are a lot of households that already have home gyms before the COVID-19 outbreak.

There are good reasons why you should have your own home gym. For one, it can save you time and money from going to another gym. You also get to have and use all of the fitness equipment all by yourself. Most of all, it is a good idea to invest in your health in the long run.

You can hire a home addition builder to help build your dream home gym. There are affordable home additions that can cater to homeowners and their home addition needs. Before that, you need to consider some things before building a home gym.

What to consider before building a home gym

Having a home gym should not only be something to show off your guests. Rather, it should be useful for you and your family. What you will include in your home gym largely depends on your fitness goals.

Setting up a gym at home may not be an easy task. As mentioned, there are some things that you will need to consider. These include the following.


First of all, you need to decide where you will set up your home gym. Some prefer putting up their gyms in the garage or in a spare room. Some even hire home remodeling architects for a customized home gym area.


Setting up your gym also depends on your budget. You would have to shell out a large amount of money if you want a bigger home gym or more sophisticated fitness equipment.

Type of workout

It is also important to consider the location depending on the type of workout you are planning to do. For example, it is not ideal to set up a second-floor home gym if you are lifting weights or run on a treadmill. Before setting up a home gym, make sure to have specific equipment or workout routine in mind.


Are you going to work out frequently? If so, it is a good idea to create your own gym at home. This will save you more time and money unlike when you enroll in a gym membership. Plus, having a home gym is more useful now that we are stuck at home because of COVID-19.


Being at home is no excuse not to keep ourselves healthy and fit. In fact, this is the perfect time to pay attention to our well-being while stuck at home. It can be exciting to have your own gym at home.

However, there are a lot of things to consider before setting up your own home gym. It depends on your fitness goals, budget, and the space you have at home. Most of all, you need to commit to a consistent plan to achieve your health and fitness goals.

Hiring a home additions builder in DC may not be a good idea for now due to the outbreak. In the meantime, you can do with what you have at home to maintain your holistic well-being.