It has been a while since COVID-19 flipped our lives upside down. The world did not expect the devastating impact of the virus on mankind in general. It also created a huge impact on the global economy and overwhelmed the healthcare sector. This pandemic also claimed hundreds of thousands of lives around the world, so far.

People are reminded to stay at home as much as possible. Avoid outdoor activities or going outside for long periods of time. You may also have to skip hiring a home additions builder or any other home addition companies near you due to physical distancing.

Being productive at home

On the other hand, being on quarantine has pushed a lot of people to be productive. To make the most of their idle time and do something worthwhile. It may not be the right time to hire home remodeling architects right now because of social distancing. But this doesn’t mean you cannot improve your home while on quarantine.

For one thing, there are a lot of things you can do while at home. Bond with your family, learn new recipes or revisit your past favorite songs online. This quarantine period is also the time to accomplish home improvement projects at home. Home improvement does not have to be expensive and need not hire a home addition builder.

Then again, it will be a good help to avail of affordable home additions for your home improvement projects. But in the meantime, it might be better to be productive and practical during these uncertain times.

DIY home improvement projects you should NOT do

When you are cooped up inside your home for a long time, you tend to notice the small things more. Some can be as simple as reorganizing your clothes cabinet. Or it can be as tedious as building a home addition in your property.

However, there are some home improvement projects that you should shelf for now. You should already know why. It can also be hard to find someone now in case you need one to help you finish the job. So, what are these specific home improvement projects that you should not do while there’s still COVID-19?

Noisy home improvement projects

Being mostly at home means your neighbors are more likely to be in the same situation. This also means having to tolerate each other’s noise every day. Or not at all. In such cases, you should be mindful of the right timing when doing noisy chores like mowing the lawn or using the power washer. Perhaps you can do these after 5 PM or during weekends when really needed.

Home improvement projects that require a team

We are often advised to do physical distancing that is why we are at home right now. But what is the sense of physical distancing if you let a team of strangers come into your house? Avoid home improvement projects that would require a lot of people to go to your home.

Home improvement projects that use a ladder

It may be a good time to clean your gutter. However, you should avoid this in the meantime to avoid accidental falls. In fact, almost 20 percent of injuries involve accidental falls from a ladder. The last thing you want to happen is visiting a hospital, which we all know may have COVID-19 patients.

Home improvement projects that are expensive

It can be tempting to start your dream bathroom renovation project during the quarantine. However, it may be a good idea to wait until the economy goes back to normal. Spending on your home if you are planning to sell it, and then real estate value plummets, sounds like a bad idea.

The potential of DIY home improvement projects

Perhaps you can do DIY home improvement projects in the meantime. In fact, this quarantine period has found a rise in DIY tools and items. Most people take time to paint walls, construct new furniture, and creating a new garden in their backyard.

Some people would still prefer hiring professionals to do home improvement projects. But given the current situation, it is impossible right now. Hence, DIY home improvement projects are the solution.

Improving your home despite the pandemic

We don’t know until when this pandemic will end. In the meantime, staying at home and minimizing going outdoors are the best ways to protect yourself against the virus. It is better not to hire home addition companies in DC for now to implement social distancing.

You should also avoid DIY home improvement projects that can distract a neighbor or cause accidents. For now, stay safe and take note of major overhauls that you will do once this pandemic is over.