There are two types of people in this world: those who are natural green thumbs, and those who aren’t. For one thing, taking care of a plant is pretty much like taking care of a precious child. To keep your baby healthy and strong, you need to give the right nutrition, care, and love.

The same goes for the plants in your home. You can create your own backyard garden or house your plants in a greenhouse. If you are considering the latter, you can plan for a home addition design for your plants. You can build one by yourself, or hire a home additions builder to help you with your gardening project.

How about having indoor plants?

A lot of people would love to have their own backyard gardens where they can plant fruits, vegetables, or even lovely flowers. However, not everyone has a backyard, to begin with. These are mostly those who are living in condos and apartments.

But for gardening enthusiasts, there is good news! You can consider having indoor plants instead. If you are planning for a condo remodeling soon, you might want to include indoor plants in your renovation plan.

Like outdoor plants, indoor plants also need proper care so it will stay alive. Indoor plants aren’t simple home decors unless they are made of plastic. Actually, indoor plants need special kinds of care as compared to the usual outdoor plants. Indoor plants are also prone to wilting and browning if not given enough sunshine and water.

What to consider before buying indoor plants

There are a lot of indoor plants you can choose from. This includes succulents, ferns, and cactuses among a few. You can add indoor plants if you are planning on building a home addition project.

The thing is that taking care of indoor plants is not as easy as it seems. You should also consider the following before buying indoor plants for your home.

What type of indoor plant should you buy?

First of all, you need to think about what kind of indoor plant will suit your home. Experts say that it is better to buy indoor plants, preferably from a family-owned garden nursery, especially if it’s your first time.

On the other hand, a large home and gardening stores are also great places to buy indoor plants for your home remodeling addition project. However, most of these gardening tools are mostly not beginner-friendly. So, if you are a first-timer, you can opt to go to a local plant nursery instead.

Where will you put the indoor plant?

Make sure to choose a plant that is suitable for an indoor environment. Some plants need to be put in a spot with ample sunlight. Others have to be watered religiously according to schedule.

If you want to try taking care of an indoor plant, you can start with a cactus or succulent. If you like being hands-on to your plants, you can try buying ferns or orchids instead.

How will I know if the indoor plant is in trouble?

Here are some signs that your indoor plant needs urgent help.

  • Rotted roots (mostly due to overwatering)
  • The leaves’ edges are starting to turn black (likely due to low humidity or a fungus)
  • The leaves are turning yellow (can be a “warning” sign to water it or remove it from direct sunlight, can also be an old leaf that is naturally shedding)
  • Wrinkled leaves (mostly due to underwatering)

If you see these common signs, you might have to assess the damage. Water it when needed, or remove from too much sunlight.

Indoor plant care hacks

Taking care of your indoor plants need not be expensive. It can also be a good idea to come up with a home addition design where you can house your plants in an organized way. Here are other effective ways of taking care of your indoor plants.

  • Use a sponge to help keep water into the soil longer. During repotting, tuck a sponge into the pot, making sure it is damp, and then fill it up with soil.
  • Try watering your fern or gardenia plants using brewed tea. It will make your plants look luxurious and lush.
  • Try placing ice cubes around the soil, making sure they don’t touch the plant’s stem. The ice will slowly melt and ensure even water distribution later on.
  • If putting pots on the floor, you can use old mousepads to avoid scratching the floor’s surface.
  • This may sound weird, but wiping a small amount of mayonnaise on the leaves using a paper towel can make your plants shiny and bright.

Love your plants, love your home

These are some tips that can help first-time indoor plant owners like you. Like pets and your children, plants also deserve all the love and care in the world. Plus, plants can make your home look livelier and sustainable.

You can also hire home addition companies in Washington DC if you want your indoor plants to have a nice home in your home.