Painting your home may be easier said than done. You need to plan for it carefully. You also have to choose the right paint color that you won’t regret later on. Or whether you need to paint your house walls in the first place. You might have to hire a professional for a home remodel.

Nonetheless, it is a good idea to refresh your home every now and then. It doesn’t matter whether you decide to repaint your room, replace your bathroom tiles, or renovate your kitchen. What’s important that whatever these home improvements will benefit your entire household in terms of aesthetic appeal and safety.

Painting: A cheap but effective home improvement

White walls sure can look boring. So, the easiest and most inexpensive solution to brighten up your walls is by repainting it. Its difficulty level depends on how big the wall area you are going to paint. It can be only one side of the room or all of the walls of the house.

This is one reason why a lot of homeowners dread house painting but should be done nonetheless. Aside from time, you also have to take into consideration what specific color to choose. There are several factors that you should consider when choosing a paint color. Home remodeling architects might help you choose the right paint shade for your home.

It can be a tedious chore, but you will love the end result. If you are hiring a home additions builder, make sure you let them know what you want if they will also paint your walls. Otherwise, you can do your own thing – or even let your family decide on the colors!

What to do before painting your house walls

As mentioned, there are several things you need to consider before painting your house’s walls. It is important that you know these to prevent regrets later on unless you are willing to repaint over again.

Getting the area to be painted ready

Painting the walls with the furniture and desks around can be quite a hassle. That is why you should clear the area first before doing the paint job. If it’s a home remodeling addition, you have to take them out first so you can finish the paint job faster. If it’s a simple paint job, you can just move them to the center of the room and cover the items using old bedsheets or blankets.

Wiping off any debris

It may seem unnecessary, but cleaning the walls of any dirt and debris is important. Doing so will make the paint stick to the walls a lot better. Also, make sure to fill in any cracks or holes present on the walls. Add tape on window trims, outlet covers, and light switches before painting. Don’t forget to put old newspapers so that the paint won’t drip off on the floor.

Checking the paint color

If you have a specific color that you want, make sure to get a sample first. Sometimes, the actual color when applied on the wall may look different from what you imagine it to be. You can also buy several samples, apply in one area, and check the outcome during the day and night time. That way, you can decide on the right paint color for your home.

Determining the amount of paint you need

Nothing is more annoying than running out of paint in the middle of your paint job. Even a home additions builder may not be able to estimate the amount of paint needed sometimes for a paint project.

Choosing a paint color

Choosing the paint color depends on your personal taste. However, you should be scared of experimenting with other colors aside from white or beige. For example, you can try darker hues for rooms with larger rooms with high ceilings. It can also add depth and texture to the room.

On the other hand, lighter paint colors can make a room larger and more spacious. You can even try out brighter colors like pink, blue, or yellow if you are into livelier hues. You might also have to consider finishing after doing the paint job.

A glossy finish can be easier to clean but can highlight some wall imperfections. Meanwhile, a matte or flat finish can be better in hiding such imperfections. On the downside, a matte paint finish can be prone to damage.

Deciding to paint your home walls

These are some important things to consider before painting your house walls. If you are planning for a home addition design, it is also important to consider the paint colors for your walls. You can also hire home addition companies in DC for your home improvement needs.