Are you thinking about having a home remodel project? Many people often leave their homes until the home addition contractors are done with the project. But what if you want to continue staying in the house?

Which tips should you follow to increase your comfort levels and, at the same time, ensure that the contractors complete the project fast and within the given time frame? Here are these tips:

Order your fixtures ahead of time

Most remodel projects run into unexpected issues that will cause the project to be delayed. You don’t want this to happen to your project, do you?

One way to ensure this doesn’t happen is to order your parts ahead of time. Make sure you’re prepared for the project by having all your parts selected and ordered prior to the start of your project.

Either having a lead time as to when they’ll arrive or already having them on site makes a world of difference.

If you’re remodeling a kitchen or bathroom and want to upgrade your vanity, hardware, cabinets, and worktops, choosing the fixtures ahead of time will spare you a few hassles during the demolition process.

This way, you won’t be left with a mess in your home or everyday areas that aren’t in use for any longer than necessary.

Cannot decide between different finishes or fixtures? Get in touch with an experienced interior designer who will help you make the right selection.

Think about where you will be preparing the meals.

The most inconvenient aspect of home remodeling is the extended downtime in the kitchen. Aside from the bathroom, the kitchen is one of the most often-used rooms in the house.

It’s the heartbeat of every home, but during a renovation, those comfortable home-cooked meals are unlikely to be available.

However, this does not imply you cannot enjoy home-cooked meals. With a kitchen redesign underway, you can still cook at home; you just need to make a few changes.

One trick you can use is to set up a mock kitchen in another room. Prepare a coffee machine, an electric griddle, and a plastic table to set up elsewhere in your home. You will also need to transfer your refrigerator using an extension cord.

Of course, eating out is always an option, but you don’t have to, especially if your budget doesn’t allow. To save some money, fire up the grill.

Cooking will become more interesting throughout a kitchen redesign. Plan food for barbecues, romantic nights, or family gatherings, or invite yourself to a friend’s place for dinner.

Remember to stockpile the paper plates, glasses, and utensils until your kitchen returns to normal.

Consider a staycation.

It’s no secret that remodeling entails destruction, which means there will be a lot of noise and a disorganized mess.

Those who work from home or seek relaxation after a long day at work should approach the project with the assumption that there will be no peace and quiet until the project is completed. Also, you won’t have a clean and tidy residence for the duration of the project.

Be prepared for a mess during the project. No matter how much care your contractor takes to keep it clean, it’s still a process, especially during the demo phase.

This phase will be disorganized, with dust and other debris. It is critical to approach the situation with realistic expectations.

To have an easy time, you should come up with tricks for getting away from the chaos. An excellent way to go about this is to go on a vacation around the beginning of your endeavor.

At the outset of the project, homeowners are not required to attend the demo. Get a beach house, take the kids for a month, and have a staycation.

You will save a week of tension in your time. Though this will be an extra charge, it’s worthwhile, especially if you work from home.

Work on keeping the air as fresh as possible

During the demo phase, expect a lot of dust in the air due to sanding and other operations.

You should take precautionary measures to keep dust particles from entering your ducts and returning to the air.

If you’re working in a bedroom with a return duct, tape it off—though it’s not ideal for long-term use—when demoing or sanding sheetrock, anything that produces a lot of dust should be blocked off.

Although your contractor will take their precautions to keep the remainder of your home dust-free, this step can be quite beneficial to keeping your air pure.

Forget your regular life for some time.

The result of a brand-new makeover is always thrilling and worthwhile, but getting there is a major challenge. Before beginning a remodel, you should recognize that your daily routine will not return to normal until the job is over.

This can be especially unpleasant for families, but planning ahead of time will help you stay sane during the disruption.

When it comes to renovations, it’s not only about the remodel; it’s also about scheduling social events.

It doesn’t matter if everything is going well; people will still come up to your house on a daily basis.

Many times, the inconveniences are not caused by the project itself but by the disruption to one’s daily life that comes with living in a construction zone.

Remove furniture and valuables from the house.

This may sound obvious, but there is need to protect your possessions when living at home during a remodel.

You should remove large pieces of furniture from the work area or cover them in protective wrapping to keep them dust and paint-free.

Most of the time, contractors will construct a temporary zipper wall that extends all the way to the ceiling from the floor.

This will prevent dust from escaping the room. To be on the safe side, always install protective flooring, which is useful if you already have brand-new floors. Lay down a plastic roll-out covering for carpets and rosin paper for hardwoods.

Parting shot

These are some of the things you should do when you want to live in your house while the remodeling is going on. Regardless of the area you are remodeling, ensure that you work with experienced home addition companies DC that know what they are doing.

They will not only help you in your project but also make your work easy.