It can be boring at home due to the ongoing lockdown, quarantine, or whatever it is called in your place. But instead of bumming all day, you can use this time to be productive at home. Some may already be productive since they are working remotely. Otherwise, you can improve your home little by little during this time.

Hiring a home additions builder may not be the best decision for now. However, you can plan for a home remodeling addition or condo remodeling (if you live in a condo unit). A home addition can be a simple tile replacement or a major one like building a living extension in your home.

DIY furniture, anyone?

It’s nice to imagine living in your dream home. With your own backyard pool, a landscaped garden, and majestic walk-in closet. You’ll feel like a celebrity having these amenities.

There are home addition companies that can help transform your house into your dream home. Then again, it may not be the right time to hire home remodeling architects while there’s a lockdown/quarantine ongoing.

For now, you can focus on other things that you can improve at home. Say, change your current bed and pillow sheets or add a carpet to your bedroom. Or why not make your own furniture?

Making your own furniture may seem intimidating. However, you don’t have to be a professional carpenter or craftsman to make your own furniture. More so, it’s not complicated to maintain your home and keep it in style.

DIY furniture ideas

Want to make your own furniture? It can actually be not that as hard as you think. You can use your old furniture and recreate it into a creative and useful one.

  1. You can use an old bench and turn it into an extra space to place your home décor. You can just repaint it if there is no damage to the bench. It won’t spend a lot of your time refurbishing the old bench, table, or chair. Not only is it a resourceful way to reuse old furniture but can look good in your home, too.
  2. Why not add an indoor swing? You and your kids will surely love this DIY swing right in the comfort of your own home. You can make a hanging chair made from canvas, leather, or any other durable fabric available. With some knots, drills, and couple of stitches, you can create your DIY indoor swing.  Make sure there are no vases and other fragile items nearby or else it might be knocked down accidentally.
  3. If you have an old drawer, you can revamp it into a kitchen island. You can repaint, repair, and modify some parts if you want. For example, you can add a slab of wood on top so it can be a countertop as well. Plus, this DIY kitchen island can be your extra storage space and a kitchen attraction, too.
  4. Old road signs can be converted into stylish stool seatings at home. Secure the metal signs on wooden stools, bend it if necessary, and you will now have eye-catching trendy seats at home.

Tips in crafting DIY furniture

A home addition builder can help improve your home. But as of now, it may not be a good idea to hire one due to the ongoing pandemic. This is also a good opportunity to put your creativity and resourcefulness to good use. Before that, you should know some useful tips for making DIY furniture at home.

Paint is not always the answer.

Repainting can make your walls and furniture look new and fresh. However, it won’t guarantee to hide any imperfections. Cracks, watermarks, and holes will seep through the paint at some point. So if there are holes or cracks in your furniture or walls, seal them with putty or any sealants instead. After applying, let it dry and sand it to make it smooth.

Sanding is a must.

Speaking of sanding, it is a must especially if you are making DIY furniture. It may be an unpleasant job. But if you want a piece of quality-looking furniture, you should not skip this part.

Take note of the right measurements.

Make sure to follow the correct measurements when making DIY furniture. Otherwise, you might end up with crooked doors and limping tables.

Making the most out of your quarantine time

As of now, hiring home addition companies in DC may not be the best option for home improvement. Now is the right time to be productive at home. This is also the right time to pay attention to your home by improving it, one day at a time.