As the world is struggling to fight COVID-19, people are also encouraged to stay at home. While it can be boring at home, it is for everyone’s health and safety. This ongoing health crisis can greatly affect the global economy. A lot of businesses may close down for good, a lot of people will be left jobless, and hospitals overwhelmed (which is happening in many countries now).

In the meantime, we need to stay at home and keep ourselves safe and healthy. This is also a great time to clean and pay attention to your home. Home addition companies may help you with your home improvement project. But not now, since there’s an ongoing stay-at-home directive from the national government.

Being productive at home

There are a lot of people who are able to keep their jobs despite the ongoing quarantine. Working at home can be a lot of people’s dream job. However, it may not be as easy as you think.

For one, there will be lots of distractions while working at home. The TV and fridge are just within a few steps away from your home office. There are also household chores you need to juggle with your office responsibilities. Your time management skills will be challenged during these trying times.

This is also a good opportunity to refresh your home through a home remodel project. Condo remodeling is also a good idea if you are living in a condo unit. A home addition design does not necessarily mean using expensive materials to improve your house.

Then again, now is not the right time to call home remodeling architects for a home improvement project due to COVID-19. However, there are ways to start a home improvement project without stepping outdoors. Likewise, you can do so using the things you already have at home.

DIY home improvement projects

There are many ways to freshen up your home while on quarantine. A lot of people will be working remotely in the meantime. But when you are not working, you should make time to improve your home. Here are some DIY home improvement project ideas you can try.

Create a bed canopy

Ever wanted a bed canopy but the quarantine happened and haven’t had the opportunity to buy one? Don’t worry, you can make your own. A bed canopy will make you feel relaxed and comfortable while stuck at home. You can check out this bed canopy tutorial and make your own.

Create a flower wall

This is a great way to make your room look more alive and bright. It’s okay if you use fake flowers – it can still add up to your room’s aesthetic value. Plus, it will last for a lifetime as long as you want it to be displayed there. You can create a flower wall above your bed or on your windows.

Make use of an unused room corner.

You can utilize an unused corner of your room by creating floating shelves. You don’t have to buy drawers or shelves. Instead, you can find some old and unused wood slabs and turn them into useful shelving systems. You can display books and another home décor here.

DIY throw pillowcases and quilts

You can make your own hand-painted throw pillowcases for a refreshing change. If you cannot think of a pattern, you can find inspiration in your room colors. If you have lots of old clothes, you can make your own one-of-a-kind blanket, too.

Clean and organize your home

A home remodeling addition is a good idea have it not only due to COVID-19. Aside from the abovementioned DIY projects, this stay-at-home period is also the best time to do some spring cleaning. No idea where to begin? Here are some tips.

Check under your bed.

Make sure to clean and check under your bed for any dust bunnies. You might also be surprised by what you can find under your bed – say, a missing slipper or a sock.

Clean your airconditioning unit.

Unscrew the filter carefully and put it in a sink with warm, soapy water. Scrub it gently of any accumulated dust and dirt, then dry using a microfiber towel.

Organize your drawer.

Take out all of your clothes and other personal stuff you aren’t using anymore. Store them somewhere and perhaps you can give them away or sell them after the quarantine period.

Make the most out of the ongoing quarantine

Lucky are you to have a nice shelter to protect you and your family from the pandemic. That is why it is your responsibility to take care of the place you call home. It doesn’t need to be expensive and hiring a home additions builder in DC. Rather, you can use whatever you have at home to refresh your home’s overall look.