As of now, we have to stay at home and keep ourselves protected from the ongoing virus. Getting stuck at home can be boring later on. However, this is actually the time to be productive and plan for a major spring cleaning session.

It is also a good time to plan for a home remodeling addition. However, you might have to wait for a while until the impact of COVID-19 already subsides. Once everything goes back to normal, you can contact a home additions builder for your home addition design project.

Getting started

Summer is already here. Supposedly, this is the time where there are a lot of beachgoers. This is also the time where travelers will be flying in a foreign country for some much-deserved vacation.

However, now is not the right time to go traveling elsewhere. In the meantime, we have to stay at home to avoid the spread of the virus. It can be boring at home, much more a nightmare, especially for social butterflies. Then again, it doesn’t mean you cannot be productive while you’re stuck at home.

Winter season is done, and so this is the time to prepare your home for summer. A home addition builder can help you with your home improvement needs. But for now, you can start from small steps without breaking your budget.

Simple ways to prepare your home for summer

Here are some ways you can do to prepare your house this coming summer season. These simple tips will help you save money and time in the long run.

Have your air-conditioning unit checked.

The last thing you would want to happen is your air-conditioning unit breaking down in the middle of the summer heat. That is why it is best to have your air-conditioning unit serviced as early as spring. You should check the following in your air conditioning unit:

  • Filter – make sure it is not clogged and dirty. Change heating and air filters once every two to four months.
  • Cooling capacity – check its fuses or circuit breakers if it doesn’t start or cool for more than a minute.
  • Repair or buy a new one – if it is an older model like a 10-year old type of AC, you might want to buy a new one instead of repairing it. There are energy-efficient AC units that you can consider. Window-type or split-type? It depends on the space you have at home.

Check your home exteriors and roof.

It is also a must to check your roofing and home exteriors. Check for cracks or missing shingles. Check the caulk around the pipes for any cracks. Consider painting your roof white due to its energy-saving benefits. If you have a masonry chimney, check whether there are vegetation growing or fallen brick pieces.

Check your attic.

Make sure to wear long sleeves and dust mask to protect from insulation. Your attic may already have critters who made the attic their home during the cold winter. In such cases, you should clean out animal droppings that have accumulated there. Find the hole where these critters have supposedly entered through and infested your attic area.

Maintaining your yard

Aside from your house, you should also make time to clean your yard. You can hire home addition companies that offer affordable home additions after this health scare is over. In the meantime, here are some things you can do in maintaining your yard area.

Secure your home.

As early as now, you should ensure your home’s security. Start installing CCTVs, spotlights, and additional locks so that your family will be safe at any time of the day.

Keep your grass alive.

If you have a lawn area, make sure to keep it alive and thriving especially this coming summer. Add fertilizer to keep the grass alive and avoid drying out. You can also consider adding new flowers and plants to enhance your yard’s aesthetic appeal. Mow your lawn when necessary.

Check your yard sprinkler.

Make sure to check for any signs of damage such as cracked pipes or broken heads. If it has bubbling or shoots like a geyser, you should replace the head.

Check your fences and other yard accessories.

Make sure to replace distorted fences or pickets. Clean the birdbath using warm water and ¼ cup chlorine bleach or white vinegar. Let it sit for about 30 minutes before cleaning the birdbath and refill it with clean water.

Start planning for a summer home makeover now

A home addition builder in DC will help you with your home improvement needs. But in the meantime, we have to stay home and keep ourselves safe from COVID-19. You can do the abovementioned tips to prepare your home this summer without having to go outside your property and risk your health.