A house or any kind of building is not complete without a roof. It protects the structure against rain, snow, and the sun’s heat. Without a roof, people and furniture inside the structure will be exposed to harsh outdoor elements. However, you need to know the different types of roof options that will suit your roofing needs.

Aside from roofs, you might also consider planning for a home addition. For your home addition needs, you should contact a home additions builder. You would need a home addition design depending on your home improvement needs. Some would choose to convert their garage, basement, or attic into an additional living space.

All about flat roofs

Most of us are familiar with the sloped roofs commonly found in many homes around the world. However, there are also those so-called “flat roofs”. For one thing, flat roofs are not entirely flat. Rather, flat roofs have only slight tilts primarily to drain rainwater although not as effectively as sloped roofs.

There are also different types of flat roofs. Each type of roof system varies according to price and warranty. Some can even last for more than 25 years as long as it is installed properly and well-maintained.


Ethylene propylene diene monomer, also known as a rubber membrane, is specially designed to tolerate sun exposure. It can be glued, fastened, or added with stone during installing as a flat roof material.

On the one hand, it is light, easy to install, easy to repair in case of leaks, and tear-resistant. However, this flat roofing material can be more prone to punctures and tend to absorb heat more. It can also be expensive especially the light-colored variant.

Built-up Roofing (BUR)

This one is another common type of flat roof. It is composed of several layers including the insulation board, asphalt or tar, and gravel. BUR provides protection against water and outside elements. It is also low-maintenance, low-cost, and easy to remove during repairs.

On the downside, installing BUR can be labor-intensive as it has several materials and layers. You might also have to remove the entire roof if you have to look for any leakages. BUR may also not be as flexible in cold weather, hence prone to damages.

Modified Bitumen

It was developed around the early 1960s as an alternative to Built-up roofing. It is made to be flexible with a top coating containing minerals. It comes in rolled sheet forms and installed by heating the roofing’s backside while unrolling it.

Generally, it is easier to install than BUR, durable, recyclable, and low-maintenance. On the downside, modified bitumen should be installed by skilled personnel as it requires an open flame during installation. It might not also be as aesthetically appealing as BUR.

Flat roof systems: Pros and cons

If you are planning for a condo remodeling or any home addition project, make sure to hire professional home remodeling architects. In some home addition projects, you will need to choose a roofing system. One of the most popular roofing options is a flat roof system.

However, a flat roof system has its own pros and cons. It depends on the type of flat roof system you choose. Nonetheless, you need to consider the following if you choose a flat roofing system.

First, flat roofing systems can be space-saving. You can have your own patio or deck area in your rooftop. You can hold small gatherings there or spend some alone time if you want. Flat roofing systems are also easier to install and less dangerous for the person who will do so.

However, maintenance is a major issue in a flat roofing system. For one, water flow can be a challenge for flat roofs. That is why it is important to have a good drainage plan for your flat roof system. Flat roofs also tend to have a shorter lifespan than sloped roofs.

Flat roof living space ideas

There are so many things you can do to your flat roofing system. Before building a structure with a flat roof, make sure to consult home addition companies first. Here are some ideas you can do to your flat roof space.

  • Convert it into a rooftop garden.
  • If you own a commercial building with a flat roof, you can rent it out for parties and other small occasions.
  • Add railings to make the flat roof into a patio or deck area.

You can also consult home additional companies for the best ideas for your flat roof system.

Hire home improvement professionals today

For your home improvement or home addition needs, contact a home remodeling addition in DC. It is a great opportunity for home addition and improves your quality of living.