Choosing the right lighting system for your home can really be overwhelming, but the home remodeling addition experts can guarantee you that with the right guidelines and tips you can eventually light up your home with the appropriate fixtures you wanted and dreamed of. But, when it comes to your vanity area – the bathroom – next to your bedroom, you sometimes prefer something more special or personal. Your bath area includes the shower area and the tub area and all of them have a specific lighting requirement that will not only give more radiance to your bathroom but style as well.


  1. Try Using The Side-Mounted Sconces.

Side-mounted sconces are the best lighting choice for any bathroom area. Either you use one on your left or right side, or mounted both on an eye-level, both ideas are cool, you just have to consider some few things:

  • The backplate of upright, tube-shaped lighting should be mounted on an eye-level.
  • The glass down-lights opening shade must be slightly fixated below eye-level.
  • The glass up-lights opening shade must be slightly installed above eye-level.
  • If you choose to have it centered above your sink area, install the light a few inches to the left and right side part of your bathroom mirror. The closer it is to your face, the better.
  1. Consider The Layers of Light.

If you wanted to showcase your bathroom area, the layers of light can do you wonders. To have an evenly distributed illumination, try the combination of ambient lights  like flush mounts, pendants, or chandeliers, then task lighting as your second light layer which is perfect for your grooming sessions such as shaving and makeup application, then lastly, the accent lighting which is a great choice for highlighting the architectural design of your bathroom as well as the decors.

  1. Pendant Fixtures Are A Great Alternative.

If you wanted to try other options for a candlestick-type fixture, the pendant lighting should be your choice. They will look perfect in your vanity area and can also work as an accent or ambient lighting at the same time or whenever it’s necessary.

  1. Stay With Kin Finishings.

If sconces are what you have installed in your bathroom keep them affixed where they are because you shouldn’t always adjust it with your other fixtures. They will maintain the wholeness of your bathroom space as well as the total design of it.

  1. The Tub Area.

The sconce fixture can enhance the ambiance of any room, especially your tub area. Although overhead lighting is also good in any bathroom area, it cannot easily provide a relaxing atmosphere that the sconce lighting can give.

  1. Use A Versatile Element.

If you are after versatility and wholeness the brass or chrome elements can display versatility within your bathroom area and all the accessories that go along with it.

  1. Like Always – Size Matters.

Regardless of the size and design of your bathroom space, a chandelier or a pendant fixture can make your room opulent. The appropriate lighting will stand out and will always set the tone of any bathroom’s interior and style.


Remember that your bathroom has so much potential when it comes to design and style, you just have to explore and make it happen.

  • The Modern Loft Bathroom Fixture.

Vintage lights will never run out style and personality. With your black tub, tiles, and fittings altogether will be a total glam.

  • The Ship Lights Effect.

If you think that nautical fixtures will look awkward as your bathroom lighting, well, think again. With modern furnaces and an antique-looking sink, the entire bathroom façade will like take you back to a certain era in time.

  • Sconces For Your Vanity Area.

Instead of installing a bar-type bathroom light, sconces are a great choice because it does not only enhances your vanity area but also provide an even glare within your entire bathroom space.

  • The Shower Fixture.

Supplying the right glow in the shower area can be a challenge, but there is only one rule to keep it simple: use fixtures that are made for wet or damp places.


You actually have limitless ideas when it comes to bathroom fixtures. The home addition design DC experts are just some of the many pros in the market who can bring out your bathroom’s truest potential. Just don’t stop exploring until you find the right ones that match your design and lifestyle.