The bathroom is one of the places in the house you consider to be your personal space. Next, to your room, this is where you find refuge and relaxation. One of the home remodeling addition is a bathroom that presents a personality that reflects you and what you really wanted. However, as visually pleasing as you wanted your bathroom to be; your sink should not fall second best.


Just like modern technology, bathroom sinks nowadays have a wide range of options where consumers like you will surely be overwhelmed with its vast, broad spectrum of styles, types, and colors. But if you make yourself open to all the available options the decision-making process can be easier and less confusing. Plus, being specific with what you really wanted can assure you that your bathroom sink will be the perfect match with the rest of your bathroom items.


  • Self Rimming

The Self Rimming Sinks are also known as the Drop In Sinks which are being installed above the bathroom counters. Sinks such as these have a rolled and finished rim that secures the sink above the countertop keeping it all in place. Actually, the self-rimming is the easiest sink to install because it can also be replaced anytime without the need of altering your entire countertop. It also blends well with all kinds of bathroom materials, making it a sink of all styles.

  • Undermount

The Undermount sinks are being installed on a solid surface countertop like granite, concrete, and marble from underneath. This kind of sink can be customized where the sink is exactly the same size as the hole cut into the counter. However, replacement of this sink can be a bit challenging since it’s customized.

  • Pedestal

The Pedestal sink is a freestanding unit that is supported by a small columnar set that is fixated beneath the sink itself. A sink like this is not to be installed in your vanity area. The pedestal sink type is the top choice for a small bathroom as it gives more room in the area and does not need any space for storage.

  • Vessel

The vessel sink is what you need for your vanity countertop where the bottom part of the sink is aligned with the entire countertop. This kind of installation is called the above-counter. At one point, this sink type can partially sit on the counter, although a large space above the countertop which can be your advantage if you have a lot of personal bathroom stuff. You can choose from glass, stone, ceramic, and a lot more materials of this type of sink.

  • Console

The console sink is a wall-mounted sink that is supported by 2 to 4 legs. However, the plumbing drain and water supply line is exposed so try matching your faucet with it for a more unified look.

  • Wall Hung

The wall hung sink is also a wall-mounted type that is designed to save bathroom space if you have a smaller room. They are not matched or bundled with any vanity or counter. This type of sink also has its plumbing and supply lines exposed although, you can have a separate support cabinet to cover these items.

  • The Vanity Bathroom Tops

This is a one-piece countertop with a built-in sink that can be made from granite, wood, tile, marble and other solid surface components. They sometimes are bigger than the regular vanity countertops which make it overhang a little.


There are a lot of bathroom sink materials and you should be aware of them if you wanted to give your bathroom a truly life-changing makeover.

  • The Porcelain, Vitreous China, and Fireclay Material.

Bathroom sinks made from these materials are easy to clean and maintain. They have high resistance to discoloration and corrosion. They are truly durable, but can also crack and chip once hit by a hard, heavy object.

  • The Metal Material.

This material is composed of copper, brass, and steel which are all equally durable. They have high resistance to damage even from heavy objects. Just follow proper cleaning procedures and solutions as metal sinks can accumulate spots from the water over time.

  • The Glass Material.

The glass sinks are usually produced from tempered glassed processed under controlled chemical and thermal solutions that are responsible for its durability and strength. This material can resist any shattering and cracking and is still prone to hard water spots which can be cleaned by bathroom cleaning solutions.

  • The Other Common Materials Are:
    • Cast Iron
    • Solid Surface


Remember that when you are going through a bathroom renovation, bear in mind that there are types and materials that you should go over with before coming up with a final decision. The home remodeling architects DC can help you decide better if you are too confused which to choose and they can even give you guidelines on how to maintain and keep them in good condition for it to last a long time.

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