Most basements are like scary underground spaces that are usually dark and creepy. You can change the norm of it nowadays by giving your basement a totally different character. A home remodeling addition is a key and there are great interior designers and contractors out there who can guarantee a 360 degrees transformation of your underground space. It could be a challenge for most homeowners and is going to be an overwhelming scenario, but it’s going to be a relief to see a space well utilized.

One great makeover idea is reinventing your basement area into a basement bar. Although that would also require a bit of strategy and creativity, it’s going to be an awesome nook to hang out with friends and for a small party gathering.


Okay, so making a basement transform into an in house bar will always depend on how big or small your basement area is. Here are some styles that might interest you.

  • The Whites and Warm Wood

Using white subtle tiles can add a distinct style to your basement bar together with your collection of colorful liquor bottles which will totally break the ice of fashion needed. Matched with warm wooden bar chairs can completely set a tone.

  • Custom Pullout Drawers

Another way to utilize your basement space is by customizing pullouts for your bar drawers that can perfectly hold bottled upright and will avoid them from tipping. Adjustable dividers are a smart idea for bottles with different forms and sizes.

  • Unique Seating

Any exceptional and quirky furniture design and other ornaments that you can incorporate in your basement bar project can go a long way in constructing a cheerful, inviting and bright mood. A booth-style seating is just one of the many styles that you can adopt. It adds a different kind of flair and friendly atmosphere within your basement bar space.

  • Vintage Plank Countertop for A Tiny Corner

If you have very limited space in your basement for a full-sized bar, you can make use of any corner and still enjoy the perks of having a personal bar hang out area in your basement. Using a vintage dark-stained plank as your countertop can already set the mood. Just place it over a simple cabinet and place all your bar necessities and accessories and voila! You already have your very own luxurious bar right at the corner of your basement.

  • Under-Shelf Lighting

Using undermount lighting in your basement pod can work wonders. From the simplest to the most complex lighting, from a hardwire or sticky lighting installation, you have the freedom to choose what suits you best. Whichever way you want it, your main goal is to provide the proper illumination into your bar area.


  • Kitchen and Basement Bar

When you choose a longer cabinet and open wall shelves can only make your basement bar space look more like a kitchen, yet this design can even make the area more inviting and homey. Adding not only bar drinks, but as well as coffee choices and sodas are great ideas too.

  • Unique Lighting Features

If you wanted your basement bar island to be the focal point of the entire basement, making use of rare and artistic lighting designs can nail it. Using backlights under your counter cabinets can be a great start. The brighter the area, the better.

  • Light Stone Surfaces

The stone material can always present a rustic, yet warm and chic structure. Incorporating a light-toned stone design on the bar island and wall can transform the basement bar and the entire basement area a luxurious underground getaway you will love coming home to.

  • A Fold-up Kitchenette

Again, if you wanted to maximize your basement space to the fullest, a fold-up kitchen and bar set up will give the results you wanted. With the accessibility and functionality that you wanted your basement bar to have without totally looking like a bar, a compact bar and kitchen cabinet is the ideal design for you.


The home remodeling architects  Washington, DC can certainly execute a certain basement design and style that you wanted. Just present the details and your personal requirements, they can already conceptualize what you wanted your basement bar to look. The goal is just simple, make use of your basement space into a bar area which can be a personal hideout not just for you, but for the rest of your household.

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