Perhaps you have been dreaming about a renovation to your existing home for quite some time now. This is not only about changing the tiles or adding a tub in your bathroom. It is more about planning for a home remodeling addition project. Planning for one can be an exciting time for your household, much more if it is already taking place and slowly transforming your home into your dream home.

Whether you want to add an additional room, expand your kitchen, or build a second floor in your existing home, careful planning is needed. All of these are considered major home renovations that will most likely need the help of professional home remodeling architects.

Speaking of architects, a lot of homeowners usually have second thoughts about whether to hire one. For one thing, hiring architects builders can be expensive and a lot of people think hiring one is only for the wealthy. In reality, planning and building a home addition may need professional help. Having said that, hiring a professional architects builder can be well worth the cost.

What does an architect really do?

Being an architect involves more than drawing house interiors and landscapes. Rather, it requires professional skills in meeting the expectations of their respective clients. Here are some things you can expect that an architect can do for you.

Comes up with visual layouts.

Among major skills architects should possess are drawing skills. A professional architect should be able to provide a visual representation of what you would like to happen for your home addition project.

Provides advice on visual elements

An architect can add a creative touch to your expected home addition project. Perhaps a secret room or a walk-in closet can be possible depending on the give floor area size. He or she can also give advice for the right finishes and fixtures that will suit the home addition needs.

Hires a contractor

An experienced architect most likely has contacts with various contractors who have proven to be reliable in the construction industry. Your architect may be able to recommend the best ones to work with you on the home addition project.

Manages the entire building project

The architect is mainly responsible for managing the entire home addition design project. He or she will also ensure that the time frame is on the right track. The architect is also responsible for managing the contractors and other people involved in the said project.

Why you should hire an architect for your home addition project

Given the above list, you already have an idea of what an architect does in a building project. In case you are not convinced yet, here are the reasons why it is a good idea to hire an architect for your upcoming home addition project.

Architects are able to see the bigger picture.

Architects underwent years of training to acquire the skills needed to plan for a house’s layout and the required fixtures and finishing. He or she is able to see what should be included to maximize the floor area space of a structure.

They are responsible for handling needed paperwork.

Architects are responsible for designing the structure that will comply with the local building codes. At the same time, they are also expected to comply with the client’s building design needs and strike a balance between safety and aesthetics.

They serve as project coordinators.

You don’t have to contact multiple personnel involved in the project because it is basically the responsibility of the architect. He or she is responsible for coordinating with HVAC mechanics and structural engineers to plan out the entire project.

They can help promote environmental awareness.

A lot of architects are becoming more environmentally aware and want to incorporate that in their building home addition project. This involves the use of non-toxic materials, solar panels, and recycled materials.

How to look for a reliable architect

Here are some tips on choosing a reliable architect for your home addition project.

  • Look online and check out their previous works.
  • Ask for referrals. You may even have a friend or relative who is a licensed architect. Seize the opportunity to avail their services without looking too hard elsewhere.
  • Check their schedules and determine the best time to avail their services.
  • Ask for an estimated quotation for the entire home addition project.

Find the best architect services near you

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