A lot of people tend to get sentimental over material things. For one thing, some of these items may mean a lot for that person. On the other hand, there are some people who simply hoard stuff just because. Nevertheless, excessive hoarding is not considered anymore and can be a sign of a mental disorder.

Meanwhile, there are home buyers out there who are willing to buy a hoarded house. No matter how crazy it may be, there is something about hoarded houses that some buyers are not able to resist buying. They may consider building a home addition design out of it. Regardless of the buyer’s plan, building a home addition in a hoarded house is still possible.

What is hoarding?

Going back to hoarding, this is actually considered a mental disorder that refers to the difficulty in disposing of material possessions. A hoarder finds it hard to let go of material things that most people would deem as useless. Such items may be as trivial like broken appliances or furniture or even smelly garbage.

Hoarding is different from clutter. The former may be considered a mental disorder and can cause disturbance to others who are also living inside and near the house. On the other hand, clutter may simply need better organizing methods and most of the items are actually usable.

Anything done in excess is not considered healthy, and so is hoarding. As mentioned, it can cause disturbance to other people nearby. In many cases, excessive hoarding can even compromise one’s health and affect one’s daily life.

Should you buy a hoarded house?

If you have watched the TV show “Hoarders”, then you already have an idea of what a hoarder’s life is. You may not simply imagine how a person can live with such trash and dirt, you cannot see the floor anymore.

It can be a nightmare for home remodeling architects to convert a hoarder house into a much more liveable space. Still, there are a lot of people who take on the challenge, of which the first step is buying a hoarder house.

In real life, hoarder homes can actually be a potential money-maker because of the hidden “treasures” you can find there. Who knows when you are able to find something that is worth hundreds or even thousands of dollars out of that pile of garbage in the house?

Buying a hoarded house can also be cheaper especially if the hoarder is still living there. Since it may not be as desirable as other homes, you can expect to buy it at a cheaper price. If you want to enhance it, you can hire an affordable home additions company to make it more liveable and pleasant to look at.

Other challenges you may encounter

If you are planning to buy a hoarder house, you can expect to encounter some challenges along the way. Aside from the abovementioned instances, here are some things you can expect if you decide to buy a hoarded house.

You may have a hard time getting a house loan.

Real estate experts say that getting a mortgage loan for a hoarded house can be challenging due to the amount of work needed to fix it up. It can also be hard to compute for the future market value once the makeover is done, including a home remodeling addition and all.

You may not realize it’s a hoarder house.

If you find a house for sale advertisement with phrases such as “needs repair and TLC” or “sold as is”, then you can expect it to be a hoarder house in most cases.

Other issues may be revealed once everything is cleaned up.

Cleaning the house of all the trash and clutter may only be the beginning of your life as a hoarded house owner. At some point, you might find leaky faucets, cracked walls or tiles, or a rusty roof. As a result, you may have to wait for a while for everything to get fixed before you can move in.

Challenging but worth it

Buying a hoarded house can be a crazy idea for a lot of home buyers. However, it also has its perks, too. Who knows what sorts of valuable items you can find in those piles of clutter and garbage in the hoarded house?

You can also contact a home addition design team to help you turn the house into a home of your dreams. In life, everything is possible as long as you know what you want and how you can achieve it. For your home addition needs, contact a professional home addition builder in DC today!