There is something about having your own house that makes you feel proud and accomplished. It is as if you are doing what the younger millennials call “adulting” the right way. Buying a house is not cheap either – you either have to get a housing loan or pay for it in full cash. Owning a house is one thing, planning for a home remodel is another thing.

A home addition design may be necessary depending on your home living needs. You would also have to contact a professional home addition builder to achieve your home improvement objectives. Likewise, it requires careful planning and you need to invest time and money in a home addition project.

When to start a home addition project

As the popular adage goes, “there is always the best time for everything”. The same applies in a home addition. It can be exciting to plan for a home addition project. But the question is, do you really need one right now?

There are some important factors you can consider whether it is the right time to have a home addition. Here are some things you need to think about first before giving a professional home additions builder a call.


In many countries, summer is the best season to do outdoor remodeling. For one thing, it is better to do any home improvement if the sun is up with no threats of project delays due to rain or any bad weather.

Material costs

On the downside, prices of raw materials may shoot up in peak seasons especially during summer. Having said that, it may be a good idea to plan your home addition project ahead of time. In other words, you may consider purchasing building materials in advance before summer arrives.

Contractor’s availability

You should also include your contractor’s availability in your home addition plans. Like building materials, the contractor’s availability may also be compromised if they are busy juggling other building projects. That said, it is important to determine which times of the year are their busiest seasons.

Planning for a home addition

You may get inspired by home addition ideas you see on the internet or glossy magazines. But there are times that it may not be applicable to your own home for some reason. However, you can consider these questions if you are planning for a home addition.

What kind of home addition do you need?

There are different kinds of home addition that will suit every homeowner’s needs. It is like creating an entirely new home for your growing family.

How much will it cost?

For one thing, a home addition can be expensive depending on how big the additional room will be. It will also depend on the materials that will be used and labor costs, among a few.

Are there building and zoning restrictions to consider?

In most places, you may have to find out any restrictions when it comes to building another structure in your property. This includes restriction in a structure’s height and materials to be used, among a few.

Do you even need a home addition?

As mentioned, it is important to plan a home addition carefully. It involves planning the budget, manpower, and necessary adjustments you have to do while the construction is ongoing. Aside from knowing the right time when home addition companies are available, you should also know if you really need to have a home addition in the first place.

Are you planning to stay in your home for good?

If you are planning to settle in your current house for at least for a couple of years, then a home addition can be a good investment. Home additions are not necessarily to increase property value but more of a necessity. For example, you may need to add another room for your growing family.

Are you planning to sell your property in the future?

It may be contradictory in the previous statement. But sometimes, things happen that can eventually change our minds later on. You may have just landed a new job in another state and you need to relocate. In such a case, you may have to sell your house. You can opt to remodel it or add a home addition to increase its selling price.


A home addition construction may interfere with your usual activities at home. You should also decide whether to get a loan to finance the home improvement project. Aside from that, you should know when the best time to do a home addition project. You can also avail affordable home additions in DC. Contact a home addition contractor today!