A home addition requires careful consideration. For one thing, you would have to find a professional home addition builder who will help create your home addition. An addition also comes with a budget, so make sure to find home addition companies who will help fulfill your home addition objectives.

The basics of home addition

There are many types of home additions, of which the popular ones include the following:

  • Conventional home addition
  • Bump-out/room addition
  • Sunroom
  • Garage conversion
  • Attic or basement conversion
  • In-law additions
  • Two-story extensions
  • Kitchen extensions
  • Family room addition

Choosing the right type of home addition depends on your home improvement needs. It also depends on your property size. A home addition is also a good option if the homeowner wants to expand his current home instead of relocating into a new home. If you are planning to have a home addition, it is best to hire a reliable home remodel services near you.

Types of dormers

Another popular home addition is a dormer. It is usually considered an attic area with a window and installed in an existing sloping roof. Dormers can be built on the upper wall of the house or attached to the roof. Attaching a dormer in your existing house can add ceiling space and create eye-catching appeal to your roof area at the same time.

Dormers come in different types and also vary in price. You can consult a home additions builder for the best dormer type that will suit your home best. Among the common dormer types include the following.

Gable dormer

This one of the most common dormer types installed by many homeowners nowadays. It refers to the small peaked roofing that is as if protruding from the house’s existing roof. According to experts, gable dormers may cost between $3,000 to more than $11,000 depending on the design and size.

Shed dormer

Meanwhile, a shed dormer looks way different from a gable dormer yet offers the same level of functionality as the latter. Unlike a gable dormer, a shed dormer doesn’t have peaked roofing. Instead, it is installed slightly lower than the existing roof and has flat roofing. Shed dormers may range between $5,000 to more than $11,000 depending on the size and design.

Hip dormer

Hip dormers may resemble gable dormers. However, the difference is that the former has three panels instead of two that is common in the latter. Somehow, it is a cross between a gable and a shed dormer. Nevertheless, it looks elegant in any existing home.

Pedimented dormer

This type of dormers is said to be inspired by Roman and Greek architecture. It has triangular shape on the window top with molding on each window side that resembles columns.

Arched eyebrow dormer

As the name suggests, it looks like eyes on your roof from afar. It is said to have originated by the British centuries ago and incorporated them into their cottage structures. Aside from letting natural light come into the attic area, it does add interest and curiosity among onlookers.

Benefits of having a dormer

Having a dormer is not simply to add aesthetic value, although it can add both interior and exterior appeal in an existing property. A dormer can let natural light come into the attic area and make it more liveable. It can also make a small room look more spacious and comfortable to settle in.

It can also enhance the current roofline and makes a house look more visually interesting. With different dormer types to choose from, you can choose which one will suit your house best in terms of aesthetic value, budget, and size. You can also install a dormer to add height to an additional bathroom area in case you plan on building one.

What to consider before installing a dormer addition

There are other things you need to consider before installing a dormer addition. These include the following.

  • Check whether a dormer is possible for installation in your property. It will depend on the type of roof frame you have.
  • Make sure to get necessary building permits before proceeding with the dormer building project. A professional home additional builder can help you with this concern.
  • Decide whether you need to add a dormer in the first place. If you have an attic area that you will convert into a liveable room, then it is a good idea to build one. Otherwise, consult a home remodeling addition expert first.
  • Find a reliable contractor who has been in the business for years and with positive customer feedback. Contact the best home remodeling architects in DC today!