Moving on is an inevitable part of life. However, it may not always be the case in terms of considering relocation. While there may are some reasons why people prefer to move to another location, there are others who choose to stay. For instance, some homeowners consider hiring a home addition builder to renovate your current house.

A home remodelling addition is a good choice if you are not considering relocation but want to expand your living space. In planning a home addition project, a homeowner should hire professional and established home addition companies.

Why consider a home addition?

As your family grows, so is the need for additional living space. In such cases, it’s either you will choose to find and relocate into a new and more spacious house, or plan for a home addition.

Relocating can be a good choice. However, it may not be practical especially if it means being far from your current workplace (or school, if you have children).

Meanwhile, hiring home remodeling architects for your home addition project can be a better choice between the two. Here are other reasons why you should consider building a home addition.

  • It avoids the anxiety of relocating and adjusting to a new neighborhood and your new neighbors. There is no need to hire mover companies to help you haul your stuff into your new home.
  • You don’t have to look for a real estate agent or scour through buy and sell websites to find a new home.
  • A good home addition design can increase your home’s value especially if you plan to sell it in the future. One report revealed that a home addition can yield an ROI of as much as 63 percent, depending on the specific home addition project.
  • It is a good excuse to improve and even fix needed repairs in your home.

Build out or build up?

There are two major types of a home addition: either you build up or build-out. Your choice will depend on your property size, type of home addition you need, and zoning laws in your local area among a few. Also, you need to consider the pros and cons of building out or building up for your home addition option.

Build up

When you say building up, it does not only literally means building an additional floor level in your existing home. It may also refer to adding dormer spaces or renovating your existing attic area that will serve as an additional liveable room. This option is basically a more practical choice for properties with limited lot size but has the need to expand their current home.

Build out

On the other hand, building out means another room on the ground floor or creating a separate building within your property. This is more applicable for homeowners with additional space to accommodate a home addition such as a bump-out or a separate tiny house. On the contrary, you can expect to lose a significant amount of yard space if you choose to build out.

Deciding factors whether to build in or build out

There are several factors that can affect your decision when planning for a home addition. Aside from hiring a professional home additions builder, other things you need to consider are the following.

Type of room

Your choice will depend on the type of home addition you are planning. For example, building out can be a logical choice if you are planning to expand your kitchen or the living room. For additional bedrooms, you can do either a build-up or a build-out.

Property size

As mentioned, the building addition also depends on your property’s size. Of course, a build out can be impractical if you have a limited property space. However, it is also important to check out your local area’s zoning laws when building up.

Expenses and convenience

Expect to shell out additional money and do some major adjustments when you decide either for a build up or build out. Usually, building out can be more expensive. However, it depends on the room size and the build up’s purpose.

Find a trusted home additions contractor

Whether you choose to build up or build out, it is important to consider your options carefully. For one thing, it involves a lot of money and adjustments while the construction is ongoing. Nevertheless, you should contact a professional company specializing in home remodeling addition in DC for your home improvement needs.