Having an extra space as a working area is a common home addition or renovation every household owners got it listed on their remodeling checklist. But when it comes to home addition design for an office space, you do not need the whole room to be your working area, not unless you’re running a studio or into designing or you’re not a minimalist fan, an ideal workspace should be something that allows you to breathe, is a space that you can call your “own” when you’re working or is an area that can inspire you to work well and should not, in any way, distract you.

Additional Space For Your Ideal Office Area

Make use of your Laundry Room

  • Laundry room? For real? Yup, and it really works, especially if you are into crafts and needs a station for wrapping and creating small things. A team of designers has spotted an unused space in the laundry area and converted it into a craft and art station. They make use of pull-out storage cabinets and sliding drawers to give room for more storage. While a wall-table was installed to make it look like an office space at the same time. You can also make use of the paper towel holder as well as hooks for all your supplies at least it will not consume much of your space.

An awkward Basement Area

  • Many homes have unused spaces or awkward areas that can be converted into an office or study area. You can place an office table perfect for adults or kids to use, but if it will be your personal space for work, then utilize the entire room to make you and your work more manageable and relaxing at the same time. Install hanging shelves and storage compartments to keep your things organized. If the area is big enough, take advantage of it, but if it’s just like an alcove, you can still expand your limited space into something. Try placing an overhead shelf that you can expand from one to the other depending on your space preference.

Connect it to a Living Room

  • If your career requires you to have an at-home office extension just to get your work done, it’s best to have your home office addition near your receiving or living room area. Why? Because it’s a great venue for client meetings or staff brainstorming during weekends. You can have a long table set up facing the wall where you can place two desktop computer monitors or it can also be a perfect spot for all of your paperwork. Placing a coffee table for two is also a great idea if you wanted to take a short breather or a short meeting with a business partner over a cup of tea or coffee.

Create A Productive Working Zone Within Your Home

Make use of a Tiny Space into something Big

  • Office spaces depend on the kind of career and requirement that your job needs. However, not all extra home spaces have that kind of zone that you wanted. But it does not mean that you cannot make use of that area anymore. In fact, that miniature space has a lot of potentials if you utilize all its available virtual zones from the floor and up. And in order to bring out the best character that room has, make use of colorful themes, accessories, and furniture as much as possible. Not only does it make your office area cheerful, but it also gives you a different sense of inspiration and mood every time you work there.

Design your own Office Sanctuary

  • Sometimes you just don’t want your office space to look like an “office”, rather, you wanted to make it look like your own personal escape space. A place where you can find solitude. A comfort zone-within-a comfort zone. To make this possible, again, make use of all the space you have vertically. Install shelves and cabinets for your storage and important documents. Then place also a comfy living room set just enough to create a homey-feel inside your office. The truth is there are a lot of homeowners who have their office room an extension of their entertainment area or living room.

Final Note

No matter how big or small your extra space is in your house, you just have to be creative enough in order to create an office out of that unused space.  Your home additions builder Washington DC will make use of all their expertise just to present you with the expected results you’ve wanted. Just don’t stop exploring your options until you finally achieve that office space you need to achieve your dreams while staying connected with your family.