Our bathroom is the only place where we get to pamper ourselves. We groom ourselves and give ourselves a treat whenever we are in the bathroom. A clean bathroom can make us do whatever we want to do with ourselves comfortably. Without worrying about the leaks and unremoved stains, the bathroom should be cleaned and fixed from time to time. This is for you to be able to concentrate on giving yourself a treat. But if you are already fed up with the design of your bathroom, you can always have it remodeled.  Bathroom home remodeling addition can be worth it so that you will be able to have a decent bathroom. You will be then comfortable whenever you are sending a few more minutes in the bathroom once the remodeling or the renovation is done.

Here are some bathroom reconstruction and remodeling tips for you to consider.

List the things you want to have in your bathroom

We all have that dream bathroom. And if you are already planning to have your bathroom remodeled or reconstructed, add the things that you always wanted. Create a simple wish list and start searching for these things in stores. List down the prices and their brands. Also, compare different kinds of brands so that you will be able to choose the one that you really need.


Once you have created your wish list and the different items that you will need, it is time to add the numbers. Make sure that you will have enough budget to finance the entire remodeling process. If there are items that you really want to get and you don’t have enough budget for it, you can always get an alternative. Or, you can have a DIY project so that it will look similar to the item that you really want to have.

Choose durable materials

Remodeling or reconstructing is eliminating the damaged materials and have it replaced with new ones. Be sure to choose the most durable materials in remodeling your bathroom.

Create a floor plan

Create a floor plan that can maximize the space of your bathroom. Whenever you are pampering yourself in the bathroom, you want to have enough space for you to relax. There are different floor patterns that can be customized according to the space of your bathroom.

Add shelves and drawers

Once the floor plan is all set, it is time for you to add more designs in your bathroom. Choose an appropriate bathroom color and pick out different accessories that go with the design of your bathroom. Don’t forget to add shelves and drawers so that you will be able to have enough space to place your towels and other toiletries.

Choose proper lighting

The bathroom must have the best lighting. Vanity light is best installed around your mirror. This is for you to see your face without any shadows. And whenever you apply your makeup, it will be easier for you to balance out the different shades that you put on your face.

Know where to place the vents

In order for you to breathe properly in your bathroom, proper ventilation should be installed. There are different designated areas where you can install your vents. A lot of homeowners tend to forget about the ventilation of their bathroom. If the bathroom doesn’t have any vets, there will be a lot of problems that you will be facing in the future. It can cause mold to build up due to moisture. You can even add a fan in your bathroom so that whenever you are pampering yourself in the bathroom.

It is fun to gather different kinds of bathroom ideas. Because it is the only place where we get to be on our own and spend a quality time pampering ourselves. A presentable bathroom will make your self-pampering session comfortable. It allows you to relax after a long day at work. If you are having trouble designing your bathroom, there are home remodeling architect Washington DC  that can give you a hand. They will be able to give you some tips on what to get and how to set a floor plan. And during the construction, they will be the ones who will assist the contractors. so that by the end of the entire project, you will have a new and a presentable bathroom.