When it comes to extending your residential space, a home addition can be a good option unlike purchasing a new home. For one thing, you can be able to customize a home addition according to your housing needs. A good home addition design can provide you with the right living space that won’t supposedly break your budget. You should hire a professional home additions builder if you want to expand your current living space.

More and more people nowadays are getting aware of the negative effects of climate change. From scorching summers to the unusually freezing winters, it has created a negative impact on the world we are living in. One of the major causes of climate change is the improper and irresponsible use of our natural resources.

While we are benefiting from various technological advances, our environment is suffering. However, it might not be too late to do something for the environment. One way that you can help is by building an eco-friendly home addition design.

Building a green home addition

It can be exciting to start a home addition project. For one, you can customize the house extension according to your residential needs. Whether you want a sunroom or an additional bedroom, it is important to plan carefully in building a home addition. Better yet, you can make your home addition an eco-friendly one.

Speaking of which, it can be exciting and even fulfilling to build an environment-friendly home addition. From the building materials down to the fixtures, it is possible to create an eco-friendly home addition. In fact, the concept of green buildings is getting more and more popular these days.

Having a green home can provide several benefits not only for the environment but also for the homeowner. For example, a green home can help in reducing energy consumption, hence provide a lot of savings for the household. Green homes are also more affordable to maintain and promote a high quality of the living environment.

What to consider in building a green home addition

When you say green home additions, it means considering “green” items to be used. This includes the roof, foundation, down to the furniture and fixture. However, there are also some things to consider before hiring a home additions builder to build a green addition.

Consider your budget.

For one thing, using “green” materials doesn’t mean your budget has to suffer. In fact, green building materials may be on par with the usual building materials in terms of cost. On the upside, structures made from green materials can promise faster build times, hence lower labor costs.

Consider your ventilation.

If you want to achieve a green home, install a house fan instead of an air conditioning system. The former is a great option for those living in warmer climates. Also, home remodeling architects also recommend installing windows in strategic areas of the house to let natural light in, hence lessening the use of artificial lights.

Consider your lighting systems.

Use LED or compact fluorescent light bulbs instead of incandescent. The latter not only produces additional heat but also consumes more energy than the aforementioned lighting options. You can also install solar lights and skylights as alternative lighting systems.

Benefits of a green home addition

As mentioned, green homes can provide several benefits to homeowners. For one, it can help in promoting environmental protection and sustainability. Some of the noted environmental benefits of green homes include the following.

  • Reduces production of wastes
  • Utilizes natural resources
  • Lessens environmental stress

Aside from that, green homes can also help in reducing water and energy consumption. Using eco-friendly building materials can provide the following benefits.

  • Improvement in daily living
  • Positive impact on the community and the environment
  • Cost reduction on operation expenses

Other environment-friendly home living tips

Even if you have an existing home addition, you can still contribute to the welfare of the environment. Here are some tips you can do in case you are planning to do some updating in your home.

  • Opt for non-VOC sealants, paints, or wood treatments.
  • Do not use particle boards or MDF (medium-density fiberboards) because they often use a popular carcinogen called formaldehyde.
  • Maximize the use of natural lighting and ventilation systems.
  • Make sure to hire home addition companies in DC that care for the environment, too.