Perhaps the kitchen is the heart of many homeowners’ homes. It is where a lot of activities happen and come to life. It is where your mama makes delicious home-cooked meals for the family. It is also most likely where you and your family bond over breakfast and dinner before calling it a day. The kitchen is indeed a great spot to create good memories that will last a lifetime.

As your family grows, so is the likelihood of needing home improvements in some parts of your house including the kitchen. If you need someone to help with your home improvement needs, you might want to hire a trusted home addition builder near you. For one thing, you would have to consider several things when planning a kitchen improvement.

Getting started

First of all, you need to have a reason why you want to improve your kitchen area. Is the design already outdated? Does it need to be extended to accommodate your growing family? Or because you are planning to sell your house in the near future that is why you are considering to hire an architects builder for your home improvement project?

For one thing, any home improvement project may turn out to cost you some cash. However, there are affordable home additions options available depending on the home addition companies you approach. The cost will also depend on the extent of the home improvement you need. If a wall needs to be torn down to give way to a room expansion, prepare to shell out additional cash for it.

Nonetheless, home improvement can be an expensive project. However, it can bring about a lot of benefits for homeowners. For one, home improvement can add value to a home especially if you plan on selling it soon. It can also be an important property investment to keep it updated and free from any signs of damage.

What to consider when planning for a kitchen extension

Here are some things you need to consider when planning for kitchen improvement.


First of all, you need to determine whether there is available extra space to accommodate a kitchen extension. It might be a waste of money to have only a small extension. A too-large kitchen extension might be too expensive and may not be suitable for the size of your home.


Make sure to check the house where you want your hired home remodeling architects to build your kitchen extension. Usually, it can be located at the side or near the backyard. However, be careful not to consume too much backyard space so you can still accommodate even a small garden.


It is also important to find a reliable architects builders for your kitchen improvement project. These building professionals can also provide essential tips to help enhance the look of your extended kitchen.

Other factors to consider in kitchen extensions

Aside from the abovementioned factors, here are other tips to remember when planning for a kitchen makeover.

Decide whether to buy new appliances.

If you want to have a kitchen enhancement, you might also consider buying new appliances as well. However, it may depend on the type of kitchen improvement that you are aiming for. For example, buying a new dishwasher may need additional plumbing and wiring systems. Installing a countertop may also need additional kitchen space.

Choose the right lighting.

Since you are improving your kitchen, you might as well improve your lighting system when needed. Use LED lights and replace your incandescent lights. Add some kind of dramatic lighting like a chandelier in the area.

Remove clutter.

You might have to remove some kitchen items that only add up to the kitchen space. Some of these appliances may not be used for a long time and left to sit on your kitchen counter. Instead, you can sell it or give it to a friend that needs it. You can also buy space-saving containers that can help in improving your kitchen further.

Finding a reliable home improvement contractor

Kitchen improvement is no easy task. It requires extensive planning and even acquiring permits to do so. That is why you should look for the best home addition companies in DC for your next home improvement project. Contact one today!