No matter how much we are dedicated to our beauty regimen, our skin will eventually wrinkle. Our brains will fail us at times. Our hair will turn gray, and we will not be as agile as we were in our younger days. Whether we like it or not, we will all reach the inevitable road of aging.

At this point, seniors will have special needs in all aspects of their lives. This may include making necessary changes in their domestic life. For example, a home addition design that is suitable for the elderly may be necessary to ensure convenience and safety in their daily lives.

If you have an elderly person living with you, you may want to consider a home remodel. As mentioned, the elderly will have special needs supposedly to make their daily life easier and safer. Aside from convenience and safety, building a home addition for the elderly should encourage self-reliance and mobility despite their physical limitations.

Getting started

First of all, you should hire a home additions builder with experience in building a senior-friendly home addition or renovations. For one thing, home additions or renovations should focus on making the house as safe and comfortable for your elderly folks as possible. However, home additions or renovations should still encourage them to be independent despite their limitations.

Meanwhile, the elderly should also be aware of these changes and adjustments. Some may not accept these changes at first as they might think it will limit them in doing things unlike before.

However, they should understand that such adjustments will be for their own benefit. These changes are necessary as these are also more practical and safe according to their capabilities.

As for planning for a senior-friendly home renovation or addition, the best time to do that is as early as now. It is a good idea to plan ahead and to make the house more elderly-friendly while you are still able.

Start from the entryways

The entryway is the first thing your guests will see, and the last thing you will walk through before you enter the house. Entryways should also be safe for the elderly no matter the time of the day and the weather outside. Here are some tips for a senior-friendly walkway/entryway.

  • Consider a no-step walkway, which can benefit especially for those who use a wheelchair or cane to walk. A ramp will also help seniors to easily get in and out of the house.
  • A no-threshold entryway is also important to avoid tripping and causing unnecessary injuries. You can also add a non-slip flooring or mat.
  • Make sure to repave pathways with visible cracks and potholes for added safety.
  • Railings are also important especially if your house has stairs. Take note of the rail diameter for easier grip and support. Add stair lighting if necessary.

Making your home safer for the elderly

The next thing to be considered is making the house interiors safe including the bathroom, bedroom, kitchen, and the living room. You can hire home remodeling architects to make your home elderly-friendly.

We use the bathroom every day, so it is just right to ensure our safety when we use it. Here are some adjustments to make the bathroom more senior-friendly.

  • Lowering the sink and ensuring the right knee clearance
  • Installing grab railings and an elevated toilet
  • Installing an adjustable shower with handheld shower head

The same level of safety should also apply in the bedroom. Make sure to have the following.

  • Making sure there’s enough space to move around
  • Building a closet and storage space that won’t require the elderly to bend down (preferable around the person’s height)
  • Installing a rocker light switch instead of the usual flip switch should be easy to reach from the side of the bed

The kitchen should ensure mobility for seniors as well. Some adjustments that can be done by architects builders include the following:

  • Ensuring enough space to move and walk around
  • Making sure that the countertops are just the right height to work on and to reach
  • Installing appliances and cabinets that won’t require the senior person to bend or to tiptoe just to reach it
  • Installing enough lights not only in the kitchen but in every room

A life worth living

Being old doesn’t mean you have to settle on your wheelchair and watch the days go by. Aging is inevitable, but we can control how we can live our lives to the fullest regardless of age. We can plan ahead for our senior years by making our homes elderly-friendly as possible. Contact the best home addition companies in DC for your home renovation and remodeling needs.