Transportation is important so we are able to get from one place to another. There are many ways to get to your destination: ride a public vehicle such as a train, taxi, or bus. Some have their own cars, while others prefer a healthier lifestyle by riding a bicycle on their way to work or elsewhere. Regardless of the type of vehicle you own, you need to park it somewhere safe and protected within your property.

If you have a car, you need to protect it against all sorts of weather. At the same time, you need a spot within your home where you can easily park and keep it safe from intruders. In such cases, you need to hire a home addition builder to build a safe haven for your personal or family vehicle.

Carport or garage?

Aren’t they the same? Not really. On one hand, both provide security against intruders and keep your vehicle protected against outdoor elements. If you have just bought your own vehicle and need a nice spot where you can park it, you should hire a home additions builder to build a roof for your vehicle.

Both carport and a garage can be located at the side of your house or in a separate area within your property. However, both differ in structure and building costs. Regardless of whether which type of “vehicle housing” you prefer, you should look for a company that offers affordable home additions.

Before deciding what type of housing you build for your car, you need to consider several factors first. This includes your allotted budget, property size, materials and design to be used, and whether you want it connected to your house or built in a separate location nearby.

Carport: Pros and Cons

Your first option is building a carport. For starters, a carport refers to a covered area that features a couple of posts that support a roof that serves as a shield against outdoor elements. Carports are often open on one or both sides. This means carports can be built on one side of the house or located in a separate area within your property.

For one thing, a carport is easier, faster, and cheaper to build. Home addition companies will only need a few materials such as roof panels (preferably polycarbonate or aluminum), posts that will serve as a support to the roof system, and building tools to create a carport.

Unlike garages, carports are faster to build depending on their design. In fact, a carport can be done as early as within the day. It may also take a few days or weeks to build a carport depending on your preferred roofing, walls on the sides, and concrete floors.

There may also be fewer building restrictions since the usual carports are mostly open-spaced. That said, it can be easier to come and go as you please since it has no doors to open the parking spot. Unfortunately, this same reason makes it somewhat unreliable in terms of protection against outdoor elements and even stray animals.

Garages: Pros and Cons

Meanwhile, a garage is also a spot where you can park your car. Home remodeling architects may have experience building home garages. Unlike carports, garages are enclosed structures that provide total protection against outdoor elements, intruders, wild animals, and other “uninvited guests”.

Hence, your car will be holistically protected from all kinds of weather. You can do your car maintenance inside the comfort of your garage. Plus, a garage can also serve as an additional storage area for your hardware tools and more. It also offers more safety against intruders as your car and other personal properties won’t be visible from the public eye.

The downside is that building a garage can be expensive. You will need materials such as a garage door, wiring, lighting, walls, foundation, and so on. Add to the expense is when you hire a professional outdoor remodeling company to help build your garage. Building a garage will also require a building permit since it is more complicated to build, unlike a carport.

Which one should you build for your car space?

It is up to you which “vehicle housing” you choose to build. Nevertheless, make sure to hire only the best in the home addition industry. Contact the best architects builders in Washington DC today and avail a free quote for your next home addition project.