As pet lovers, it is only natural to have at least one pet living with you or with your family at home. When we say pets, it doesn’t only pertain to dogs and cats. It can also pertain to other animals such as birds, pot-bellied pigs, rabbits, hamsters, fish, snakes, or any kind of animals (as long as domesticated) you can think of.

If you currently have pets or if you are planning to have pets at home, you should consider their living condition. If you love your pets, you will make sure that they are living as comfortable as possible. You might also want to consider hiring a home addition builder to create a special living space for your beloved pets.

Planning for a better life for your pets

Our pets deserve the most comfortable life that they can experience. For one thing, our pets live shorter than us. That is why it will surely be devastating to lose them after many years of good memories. Even if they can be rowdy at times (especially in households with multiple pets), it is exactly what makes them endearing.

Some animals can be naturally curious, they tend to sniff things around them. Some may be too active that they might cause potential accidents that may hurt them later on. That is why we should not only consider the overall living comfort of our pets but also keep them safe at all times.

In such cases, you might want to consider planning for a pet-friendly home remodel project. You should hire a home additions builder that has experience in creating pet-friendly home additions. There are a lot of home addition ideas that your beloved pets will surely love. Just make sure to do your research and consider your budget as well.

Home addition ideas for your pets

As mentioned, you should not only consider your pet’s comfort level but also their safety. It is also a nice thing to invest in the following pet-friendly home additions. Most of these home addition ideas are not that that expensive. Here are some pet-friendly home addition designs you can build for your beloved pets.

Pet house

Your pets will surely love having their own place they can call home. When you say home, it’s not just a simple rug or a spot in the house where they can lay on. Why not build a pet house for your beloved furry companion in your backyard and feel like royalty?

Protective gate

Some doors have flaps below where your pets can go through when they want to go outside and vice versa. However, it may not guarantee safety on your pets especially if they are too big to fit in the flap. Instead, you may want to consider having a sturdier gate, especially for your very persistent pets.

Pet window

Animals also deserve to see the beautiful world around them. However, most windows at home are too high for your pets. You may want to have a ground window built by a home addition builder. If you have a fence at home, you may also have it altered and cut so your pet can easily see through the other side.

Pet shower room

It is also a nice idea to have your pet’s own bathroom. There, your pet(s) can be bathed comfortably and more effectively. Plus, baths can be a lot of fun experience for you and your beloved pets.

Other ways you can make your home pet-friendly

The abovementioned home additions are some of the best ideas you can do for your beloved pet companions. There are home addition companies that offer affordable home additions for your entire household. Aside from that, here are other ways that can help in making your pets live as comfortably as possible in your home.

  • Pet-proof your home by removing items that can potentially get knocked down such as vases, picture frames, and other breakables.
  • Get rid of household chemicals that they might sniff on such as bleach. Make sure not to let your pets get their hands (their noses, rather) on these toxic household chemicals.
  • You might not want to install a carpet on the floor as it can be challenging to maintain when they accidentally poop or wee on it. Instead, you can choose other floorings such as vinyl or hardwood.

Give them the best life they deserve

Our pets are more than just for entertainment and to watch over the entire house. They are also a family that deserves the best life that we should give. Contact home addition companies in DC for your home improvement needs.