Having an outdoor balcony is one way to enjoy the outdoors without stepping away from home. It is also a great place where you can relax and enjoy the sunrise while sipping your morning coffee. Apartments in major cities have their own balconies as well. You should contact a professional home addition builder to add an outdoor balcony.

Why it is a good idea to have a balcony

Outdoor balconies are associated with castles and Shakespeare’s Romeo and Juliet. It is where Rapunzel let down her hair so the evil witch can go up and down the castle. It is also where you can get sentimental and feel the cold air touching your skin. You can see the beauty of your neighborhood through your balcony.

But having an outdoor balcony is more than adding drama to your real estate property. For one, it can improve the overall value of your property. Plus, it adds aesthetic appeal to your home and makes it look inviting. If you want to build a balcony, you should contact a home additions builder near you.

You can also do so much to your outdoor balcony. For one, you can turn it into a zen spot where you can relax while doing yoga or reading a book. You can also add potted plants and other greens on your balcony area.

Or if you are a gym junkie, you can install a stationary bike or treadmill in your balcony. You can also set up your balcony into a mini-dining or coffee table spot for your family and guests. Building a home addition by adding an outdoor balcony is a good idea for improved home value.

What to consider when building a balcony

Building a balcony requires professional planning. There are also affordable home additions that will help achieve your home improvement goals. But, you should also consider the following before building an outdoor balcony in your home.

Access point

First of all, you need to have an access point to go to the balcony. It can be a doorway from your bedroom that will lead to the balcony area.


Homeowners should also consider the size of the balcony. For one thing, it should be suitable for the size of the adjoining room. The balcony size will also depend on the overall size of your home and your proximity to the neighbors. You can consult professional architects builders for the right balcony size.


The balustrade style you choose will make a lot of difference to your balcony area. Some choose a glass balustrade material to match their modern-looking homes. Some homeowners prefer materials like metal or wood to exude a classic, Juliet-style balcony.

Building permits

You should also consider whether you need a permit to build a balcony. For one, it is important to have one to keep your home’s structural integrity. Likewise, this is also to ensure everyone’s safety when using the balcony.

Tips on designing a balcony

Aside from building a balcony, you also need to consider how you will style it. Of course, it will depend on your preference, lifestyle, and your surroundings. You should hire a professional home remodeling addition company to build your desired balcony style. Here are some ideas you can get inspiration from for balcony designing.

Think about the purpose of why you want to have a balcony.

Is it for aesthetic purposes or for something else? If the latter, will you use it as a dining and relaxation area? Or a health and fitness spot in your home? Regardless, your balcony should have a purpose.

Consider the weight capacity of your balcony.

You do not want to add heavy equipment in your balcony and won’t be able to support its weight. Make sure that the materials used to build the balcony can support enough weight.

Consider shade and privacy.

Balconies are often open spaces where you can have a nice view of the outdoors. But sometimes, you might want to have some privacy, too. One way is by adding tall plants like bamboo fencing or sheer curtains for added shade as well.

Hire a professional home builder

If you want your own outdoor balcony in your home, you should hire only professional home addition companies in DC. They should know the right permits and procedures needed to complete a home improvement project. At the same time, they can help you save money with the building costs. Contact one near you today!