If you have a mobile home, you might have the impression that you are out of luck, and unlike your neighbors with traditional houses, there is no way you can increase or add value to your home. Fortunately, this isn’t the case.

Can you build an addition on a mobile home? Yes, you can definitely do it, but before we proceed, we need to make one thing clear—there is a difference between modern and older mobile homes.

Current mobile homes aren’t strict, but rather manufactured and modular homes built in the factory and transported to your preferred site.

Manufactured houses are almost similar to a traditional house so if you feel that you need to make an addition to them, go ahead and find an experienced home addition builder and put up your desired structure.

What additions can you make to your mobile home?

Well, there are plenty of additions you can make to your home. The common ones being:

Deck or porch

If your mobile home doesn’t have an outdoor living area, you should go ahead and add a porch or deck to it as a way to improve the look and value of the house. You aren’t limited on the size of deck you can construct.

It can be a small one to cover a small area, or it can wrap around the house, creating a large area for outdoor relaxing, entertaining, and barbequing.

If you love being outdoors, but prefer sitting under a shade, consider constructing a sunroom.

Add an extra bathroom.

Most modular houses come with a single bathroom that can create logistical issues, especially if you have a growing family and you frequently have houseguests over.

If your house is becoming smaller, consider getting an extra bathroom. Like the deck, you have plenty of options you can go with. You can add an adjoining bathroom to the master bedroom or add a powder room or half-bath to accommodate the mushrooming number of guests and visitors.

There is no right or wrong way to go about it—it’s up to you to go with your preferences.

Add a car parking area.

If you don’t have a covered parking area outside your house, you are forced to carry your groceries and large packages long distances, which are inconvenient. Sometimes you are forced to regularly scrape snow and frost off your vehicle, especially if you live in cold climates.

To solve this, you should consider building a paved driveway to the exterior of your mobile house. If you want to protect your car from the weather elements, build an enclosed garage.

Build an entertainment room

If you love your entertainment, nothing is preventing you from adding an entertainment room to your house. An ideal entertainment room features a large screen TV to watch movies, shows, and play video games and a comfortable seating area.

As you can tell, this addition will cost you much more or even require more work than when adding a small bedroom or bathroom.

Increase the amount of light getting into the house

Sometimes you might not need additional rooms or extra space, but you want to increase the light getting into the house. One way to go about it is to install window placements. Also, consider expanding to larger bay windows or adding skylights in the ceiling.

Over to you

It’s possible to add a room to your mobile house, but you need to know what you are doing. As a rule of thumb, don’t try to do the project by yourself—work with experienced home addition companies Washington DC that have remodeled similar houses in the past.