Owning a property is a huge responsibility. For one, you have to ensure that your property is in overall good condition. This includes fixing issues such as broken tiles, chipped wall paint, or a leaky faucet. Likewise, you should also ensure that your yard is well-maintained.

But while your family grows, so is your need for a bigger living space. On one hand, you may consider buying or rent a larger house. Or you can hire a home addition builder to help you build an extension of your home. You can choose from a wide variety of home addition design that will suit your needs for additional living space.

Why home additions are made

Affordable home additions are available to cater to homeowners’ needs for extra living space without leaving their property. It is an option to extend your house without the need to relocate and move into a new home.

House additions can range from affordable and low-cost additions to more expensive ones. Whichever your addition option is, what is important is that it should meet or even exceed your expectations for comfortable living space within your home.

Popular home addition options

Among popular home additions you can choose from includes the following.

Traditional home addition

This refers to a structure that can house multiple rooms and is usually built beside the main house. When built by a professional home additions builder, it can look like it is part of the main house itself. A traditional home addition can house multiple rooms such as a small bedroom, a bathroom, or a kitchen area.

While building one can be expensive, it can increase its total property value when you plan to sell it one day. Since you’re technically building a small house, you will also need to hire architect builders and get necessary permits for the construction project.


Unlike traditional home additions, sunrooms are usually made from materials that are pre-fabricated and then assembled in your property. It is not usually meant to serve as a permanent living space but rather a relaxation area or an extension of the living room. Building a sunroom may not be as complicated, unlike traditional home extensions.

Garage makeover

Garage conversions can usually turn into an additional bedroom, living room or kitchen depending on your addition needs. Since the roof and the structure is already there, you would usually have to work on other elements such as flooring, walls, plumbing and other building requirements.

Room addition

Also known as a bump out, it is a type of home addition built on the side of an existing house. It is usually meant to be a single room, such as a bathroom, kitchen, or a small bedroom. The main objective is to alleviate the cramped space of an existing house by adding a bump out and accommodate a small room there.

Things to consider before building a home addition

As mentioned, home addition is a good option to add living space in your home. If you don’t want to sell your house and move into a bigger house, then it is a good idea to hire a home remodeling addition contractor instead. However, you should consider the following first before deciding on a home addition.


Expect to shell out thousands of dollars depending on the type of home addition you are planning to build. That said, you may have to consult a building home addition contractor to determine the estimated cost of the home addition project.

Hiring professionals

For any home addition projects, it is still best to leave it to the experts. For one, a home addition usually requires working with major construction tasks such as plumbing and electrical lines, and interior design among a few.


Any construction projects whether done within or outside your property will require permits to proceed. Home addition contractors are usually familiar with these building codes, but it won’t hurt if you learn about it, too.


While construction is ongoing, expect to do some adjustments in your home life for a couple of weeks or even months. Make sure to keep small children and pets away from the construction area. Temporarily relocate other home equipment such as the refrigerator or the living room furniture that may be directly affected by the construction.

Hiring home additional professionals near you

For your home addition needs, make sure to deal only with contractors specializing in home addition design in Washington DC.