Buying a house should be considered carefully. For one thing, it depends on your long-term goals. If you are planning to live in your area for many years, then it may be a good idea to buy or build a house instead of renting out.

Sometimes, you may want to renovate a part of the house after years of living in it. For example, you would want to consider adding a home addition design to accommodate your growing family. You should contact a professional home addition builder for your home improvement requirements.

If you want to have a home addition, make sure that there is enough space to build one within your property. But sometimes, there are some untouched parts of your house that are just waiting to be renovated – say, your basement.

Getting started

A lot of homes have basements but are not often utilized. Basements are also negatively perceived in movies as dark and scary places and one of the usual settings for horror movies. That is why a lot of homeowners tend to stay away from the basement and opt to use it as storage areas instead.

On the contrary, basements can actually one of the best rooms in a house. Moreover, having a basement at home can be a deal-breaker especially for those who are considering home improvement projects in the future. When that time comes, make sure to deal only with experienced and reputable home addition companies near you.

Before renovating a basement, make sure to inspect every corner of it. For one, it is important that the basement has a stable foundation, flooring, and walls. More than planning a basement design and hiring the best home remodeling architects, safety and staying on budget are just as important as well.

Things to consider before remodeling

On one hand, you can find space outside the house and build an additional living space there. On the other hand, you can find an additional living space inside your house. Do you have a basement? If so, why not convert it into an additional cozy living space?

But before proceeding with the basement remodeling project, it is important to call a home remodeling addition contractor first. They can help determine the basement’s overall condition before the renovation project proceeds. Among things to consider first include the following.

Signs of moisture

Make sure that the basement has no significant amount of moisture in it. For the presence of moisture, you can use water-lock paint and special caulk to seal any cracks that are present. A building home addition company can help solve this problem.


Some basements often have low ceiling especially if it is not originally intended as a living space. Some may have visible wiring and piping that can be a challenge for basement remodeling. In such cases, adding footings below the current ones may be necessary. Relocating the wiring and piping systems may also be needed as well.

Walls and flooring

If the basement is bare, meaning it has no walls and flooring, it is important to install these for a basement renovation project. Walls control the temperature and makes the basement area look more attractive.

Building permits

Before proceeding with the basement renovation project, make sure to get necessary permits first from your local area. Among important considerations to secure a building permit is to have an entry/exit and heating/cooling plans.

Basement remodeling ideas

There are many ways you can use your basement area aside from storing old items, tools, and equipment. Here are some basement remodeling ideas.

Recreational area

The basement can be a perfect spot to bond with your family and friends. You can add a mini-theater and some La-Z chairs, or convert it into a billiard and game area. You can also add an Internet connection here.

Additional bedroom

If one of your teens want to have his or her own bedroom, you can convert your basement into a bedroom. Make sure that the room is at least 125 square feet to fit a double-sized bed.

Laundry area

You can also convert your basement into your laundry area. Make sure that the basement has a floor drain and outside wall access for the dryer.

Home office

The basement can also be made into a home office if you are looking for a quiet work area. Install your computer, table, and chair, and add some shelving for your books, too.

Finding a professional home contractor near you

If you are planning for a future home improvement project, call only the best in the field. Contact professional architects builders in DC today!