Every living room is a focal point. In fact, even affordable home additions can make a room classy and elegant. If you are just about to start decorating your home, the first area that you should pay attention to is the living room. Putting all the pieces you’ve shopped for your living room can be overwhelming and instead of giving the room a harmonious and inviting appeal, it might turn out the other way around.


When decorating your living room, you have to consider the shades of paint you will be having in on your walls, the kind of furniture that already have and what other furnishings you need, and how to style and decorate the entire room. However, you cannot start with your project without finding out what your accessorizing taste is. If you’re having a hard time, you can scout and look into living room photos to help and give you an idea. Knowing this will initially give you the drive to properly and decisively choose the paint colors, furniture, floor covering, window coverings, accessories, and other stuff that you wanted to place in your living room area.


  • The Furniture

One common dilemma of most homeowners is how to arrange and style their living room furnishings. The most typical style is by pushing the sofa against the wall followed by the chairs against the other wall and that just basically it. Easy-peasy. Yet, the best way to achieve a living room that will really stand out is by planning on how to arrange your furniture.

One important thing to consider is which part of the room should be the focal point, which area seems inviting as a conversation area, and the traffic flow in the living room.

  • The Area Rugs and Floor Coverings

Area rugs and other floor coverings are considered to be one of the ornamental items that are so overwhelming to place in any room, particularly in the living room. The benefits of using one can really be overflowing, but before you purchase it simply because you find it perfect for your living room, make sure that you know by heart how to pick an area rug. Knowing the size of an area rug is the most important rule.  Placing a small-sized floor covering in your living room can make the entire space a bit jumbled so knowing first the size of the room and how your furniture is arranged should always be considered. All your furnishings should be on top of the area rug with at least a 10-to-20 inches of bare floor separating the wall of the room and the area rug.

  • Wall Art

Don’t you find an empty wall somewhat incomplete? It is! You don’t have to crowd your wall with décors and frames, but placing some art pieces on it is very important. It doesn’t have to be all expensive masterpieces or paintings just to present an inviting and close-knit look. The perception of one about art can differ from how the other sees it, therefore, the best way to do it is by following your instincts about what you want and what people will see in your living room space. Be knowledgeable enough about the basic rules on what and how to hang art pieces and frames on your wall, and then just let your heart take full control.

  • Lighting

Giving any room the proper illumination is somewhat one of the most complex elements when decorating a room. The living room has actually less illumination compared to the other rooms like the kitchen where a lot of ‘food’ action takes place, however, there are some important factors that you should never ignore when applying a lighting system. At least have the three main types of lighting present in your living room: Accent, Ambient, and Task. You can have wall sconces, overhead chandeliers, table, and floor lamps, or recessed lighting.

  • Wall Paint

This is to be at the top of the most ‘missed’ factors where a lot of people fall short at and sometimes really fail – choosing the right and appropriate wall paint. To paint a ‘paint’ is technically easy, it can be a tad tiring, but easy and fun. It is also affordable, so why not decide on your expensive items so you can base your colors from those living room pieces.


Regardless of what part of the house you are working on, make sure that you know the basic elements before proceeding. The home remodeling architects  Washington DC  can give the best and professional guide when it comes to any home makeover needs. And since the living room is where you mostly entertain guests it is just right to have it well designed and decorated to present a more homey atmosphere.