Having a wide-ranging combination of home furniture and accessories when doing an indoor and outdoor remodeling is making a big hit nowadays and doing this to your backyard patio is going to be really awesome, don’t you think?

Mix Items With Style

There’s a whole lot of outdoor fire pits, rugs, dining tables, coffee tables and comfortable seating that can help you curb the pale and usual outdoor furniture made from brick-and-mortar materials. Incorporating your old patio furnishings with some latest outdoor garden collection is also a great way to give your backyard hang out a fresh look. This can enable you to add more pieces to accommodate more people or your growing family.

Showcase Your Creativity

Have you ever walked into a furniture shop and have spotted an awesome doorbuster offer for a set of furnishings, but you are having second thoughts of grabbing the offer because you are skeptical that it would not match your other outdoor furniture and décor. But with a tad of creativity and a taste for design and balance, you can blend and mix any style to compliment each other in harmony.

Here are some great tips to get that awesome, quirky look using both your out-dated and latest collection of backyard furnishings. Enjoy mixing and matching!

Let The Mixing Challenge Begin

  • Bridge The Gap Between Furnishings Using Colors.

Guess, this first tip is an obvious one. It’s the first thing that people look at when scouting and buying household items and furniture. And the reason behind it is pretty simple: Color draws attention no matter how basic the tone is and how dull the shades are.

You should not limit your style to just one shade and keep everything unformed. Make use all the colors of the world to your advantage and give a little delight to your backyard oasis. Like with your patio sofas and chairs, you can make use of colorful cushions and throw pillow to break the monochromatic design. Neon or bright printed pillow covers and sheets can match any aluminum or wooden tables.

  • Learn to Mix and Match Furniture Materials Sensibly.

Repetition is the key when it comes to decorating and redecorating any space which applies to your outdoor area too. Wood, resin, plastic, aluminum, glass, and wicker can be grouped together according to their respective material.

Choose a piece of patio furniture that is composed of at least two varying materials, this will give you more choices when it comes to putting outdoor items in their places. Like for example, a dining table made of aluminum with glass attachments will match perfectly with a wooden end or corner table, just make sure it has either a glass top or metal legs.

  • Separating Items Can Put Pieces Together.

Sounds illogical, but it actually makes a lot of sense. This means that by segregating items into two separate groupings can eventually transform a patchwork of bizarre outdoor items and furniture into a different backyard experience that creates more seating spots for your family and guests.

It’s like you are creating 2 different venues in one area which is your backyard. If you happen to have a lot of trees and other greenery in your patio area, you can make use of them as natural boundaries, like overhanging trees, branches, boulders, and foliage. Then can create a transition between two alfresco zones as harmonious as possible. Outdoor rugs and fireplaces can also highlight the respective focal points of each area.

  • Spot The Design And Style That Compliments Each Other.

Others may not be able to grasp the idea that contrasting design styles can actually harmonize in a creative way.

The influential ways of the traditional and the modernist lifestyle and norms can mix well with the chic and classy style of the modern minimalist approach.

Like a modern, metal side table compliments a rustic rocking chair making it a perfect setting for an outdoor coffee or snack reception.

  • Play Around With Shapes.

To add a variety of interesting designs and warmth, various décor and furniture shapes can entirely welcome for you to use. By interplaying with different shapes of furnishings and ornaments, you can actually come up with an interesting combination of pieces from your old and new collection. You will just be surprised at how artistic it will turn out.


Most home remodeling architects DC will even suggest that instead of totally disposing of your old outdoor pieces and furniture, try to reuse them and give them a second chance in serving their purpose. Besides, it’s also a great way for you to save some from your spending budget and add it for future purchases or repairs.