Part of any home remodel checklists are the floor and its covering, like whether you would settle with a bare flooring or you’ll go with an area rug or a full carpet. But if you are after a soft floor covering that will make your feet at ease while walking, then what you need is a full carpet flooring. Although, you just don’t choose a carpet without considering a lot of things. Like the patterns and colors are a factor that can affect the way your house looks, as well as your furniture and decorations.

Consider the PROS and CONS of CARPETS, based on what YOU NEED.

In picking a carpet as your textile floor covering, you have to know which carpet can truly provide you with more advantages than disadvantages. Every carpet characteristic can greatly affect the way you see and need it. Carpeting can be good and bad depending on the various contributing factors in the environment. With the information that this section provides about the benefits and flaws of a carpeted floor covering, you can finally decide which floor covering is best for your home.


  • Carpets are quite

Carpets are great sound absorber. They can reduce any noise by contributing to the sound insulation of your home. This kind of element is perfect for those who are working from home, residents of an apartment, and those with large families. So if you are the noisy type of person, a fully carpeted floor can save you from any neighbor complaints.

  • The softer the floor the softer the fall

If you have little humans around expect that falling is what they do best – for now. At their age, toddlers can’t control themselves, but fall and topple most of the time. So with carpets around, especially on your stairwells, you will not worry about your little ones getting hurt. Smart move there. Of course, carpet maintenance should not be the least of your priority.

  • Carpets keep you warm

With the stubborn winter season, having a soft, warm carpet around your nook with a nice fireplace, you will definitely tell yourself that the cold will never bother you. Homes with full carpeting as their floor cover get to have a satisfying insulated space every time winter season comes.

  • Carpets are replaceable

Of course, carpets wear and tear over a long period of time. And you don’t want to have an old-looking décor sit around your nook, right? With the whole nine yards of shades, designs, and patterns, carpets are an instant game changer when it comes to the overall look of your house. With proper care and maintenance, you can always lengthen the life of your carpets and other floor covering.

  • Carpets keep you on your feet

Carpets happen to always be in tempo with friction, which means that you’re able to keep your balance while walking on your soft carpeted floor. Especially if you have toddlers and elders in the house, they are safer with soft undersole floorings whenever they walk. This also minimizes the risk of accidents and injuries.

  • It’s fairly cheap!

This is definitely the best reason why you opted for carpets to be your floor sheath. They are an inexpensive refurbishing tool if you’re into a budgeted home makeover option. Carpets do not only change the interior character of a room or a home, but they are easy to install and does not easily wear off. Carpet tiles can easily tickle the ideas of a DIYer and won’t find it a hassle to install one instantly.


  • Carpets stain easily

One reason why carpets are high-maintenance floor décor is that sudden spills of any liquid form can be likely difficult to clean and wash off compared to hardwood and tile surfaces. Even a vacuum cleaner is not enough to deep clean a carpet.

  • The pet dilemma

Do not expect pets to understand the purpose of carpets around the house.  For them, with or without carpet, it’s just the same and they will do whatever they want, sometimes their own businesses if they could no longer manage to handle the situation and heat to their litter boxes or spot. This is a pain to pet parents – dealing with the cleaning and getting rid of the pungent odor. The sad truth is, carpets can easily absorb anything – including your furry friends’ hair and litter.

  • It’s a haven for allergens

Carpets are the home of all kinds of allergens whether you liked it or not. So if you or any member of the family is dealing with asthma or any allergies, although you may not see them and even if you have vacuumed the entire carpeting, symptoms will still hit you. Just because it looks clean doesn’t mean that there are no more microbes there.


Choosing a full carpet flooring is the most choice of homeowners globally. Even the home remodeling architects  DC will agree with your choice because of the tons of benefits it can offer and serve you for as long as you have them under your sole. But do remember that carpets also have their drawbacks which you have known also before covering your entire home with carpeting.