During the final touches of any home addition design, many would agree that the most overlooked items are the mirror or the bathroom vanity mirror. Technically, the moment you look at it, you tend to see a reflection of everything else around you before you even see the actual mirror itself. Though treated that way sometimes, a great looking mirror is one of the most important components in any room, most especially in the bathroom. When it comes to its style, size, and shape, you will never run out of choices and here are some tips that you can use to be able to take home the best mirror perfect for your vanity area.

How To Choose A Vanity Mirror

  • Sizing Your Mirror

There are two things that you should look into when choosing the size of your ideal mirror: Proportion and Function. To achieve a balanced look in your bathroom, visualize the size of your mirror based on your vanity space.

Ideally, your vanity mirror should not be bigger or wider than the space itself. The easiest and safest way to pick one is by choosing a mirror that is almost as wide as the space you wanted it to be placed.

Some opt for a custom-sized mirror because you won’t find a pre-made vanity mirror that will exactly fit the width of your bathroom vanity area. The perfect functional vanity mirror should only reach at least 30 centimeters over and under your eye line or whoever will be using the bathroom.  Hence, the more height you apply, the better, because it can provide a wider viewing angle and space.

  • Single vs. Multiple Bathroom Sinks

If you have a bigger bathroom designed to cater more people, you have to have a wider and spacious vanity area, even more, if you have multiple sinks. This leaves you with the option of either using multiple mirrors or just a single vanity mirror that is wide enough to service the entire room.

You can have multiple skinny and tall mirror if you wanted to give the bathroom a bit of an upright view. With this, you have to consider the height, especially if you have a high ceiling. Although, you still have the option of using one large vanity mirror you’re okay seeing more of your bathroom’s opposite walls. Also, you are free to use multiple mirrors even when you only have one sink. In fact, when you place a mirror at the center of the sink and then add another mirror symmetrical to your center mirror, it actually balances the look of the room even more.

Consider A Bathroom Appeal

  • Sconces

Having sconces in between a vanity area is one of the reasons why smaller mirrors are being chosen and installed. Technically, you can install vanity lights anywhere within your bathroom nook, but having them beside the mirror provides more light for the face which is more functional and convenient.

  • Wall-to-Wall Mirrors

If you prefer to use a more stylish approach in sizing your vanity mirror, ignore the size of the vanity and instead use mirrors as wall accents. This will not only give you a better view of your entire bathroom, but it also makes a compact bathroom looks twice its actual size.

If you’re thinking of having a custom-sized mirror that will exactly fit wall-to-wall, expect that it may cost you more compared to having a stone or tile behind or surrounding your mirror which is much more affordable.

  • Framed or Frameless

Frameless mirrors are widely popular, not because they look stylish but because they are also less expensive. They can also transform a traditional-looking bathroom into an avant-garde space with a clean, fresh and spa-like appeal and ambiance. While mirrors with specific and detailed frame suit the classic areas where other decors and elements are as distinct and intricate as the entire bathroom façade.

Final Thoughts

Maybe this time you’ll see your vanity mirror in a different perspective and will have your home remodeling architects DC help you make the right decisions for your bathroom area paying attention to every element and style.