Have you ever looked at your staircase and have thought of giving it a new look? Perhaps it’s about time that you include it in your home addition design plans since having a great looking staircase adds to the character of your home. You should not run out of reasons why your staircase or stairway is the least of your home renovation priority because it also reflects your lifestyle.

But before you proceed in renovating your stairs and balustrade check out some of the main reasons why homeowners find it important to give their staircase or stairway an impressive makeover.


  1. Outdated stairs and railings can dismay possible home buyers if you decide to sell your home in the future.
  2. The rattling and cracking sound of your stairs every time you walk on it means you need to fix it.
  3. This is the moment you’ve been waiting for.
  4. Looking at your staircase or stairway makes you stress and think about the pathetic excuse interior design.
  5. You wanted to give your interior a different kind of vibe by upgrading your balustrade into something new to your interior and refreshing to the eye.
  6. You wanted your staircase to be the focal point of your home to attract buyers.
  7. You found the time to DIY your home’s stair and balustrade.
  8. A grand and elegant looking staircase adds value to the entire home.
  9. Your current stairs and balustrades had to meet your cities building codes and requirements.
  10. You’ve discovered that your staircase is no longer safe and can potentially cause danger.

Do you find your reasons above too? Now, let’s move on the best part – the Designs, Styles, and Décor.


Let’s get started.


The floor is what gives your stairway a character which also occupies the largest surface in your home or room. The style and design will depend, of course, on your budget, the kind of maintenance you sustain and the decors that you would want to have.


Carpeting is one of the most common floor décor preferred by many homeowners. It provides a different kind of warmth and inviting feeling in your interior. The comfort that it gives your sole is one of its major qualities why many love it so much. Aside from its ability to reduce noise not just on your stairway, but all over the house too. Carpet is also preferred by homes with growing kids and elderly because it provides an additional safety feature during an unexpected trip or fall.

Now, there are two kinds of carpeting style:

  • Full Carpeting
    • If you wanted a full coverage of your floor area, full carpeting is your solution. It’s a good choice to cover your floor’s aging problem as it will completely make it as good as new. Although this can be really pricey, it’s best to discuss your plans with your trusted contractor before you give it a go.
  • Carpet Runners
    • If you don’t want to fully cover your entire flooring, runners can do the job for you. They can leave the edges of your stair steps exposed. Although they will not be covering your floor, they can still provide a warm and comfy feel inside your home. In fact, for homeowners who opt for a cheaper and much affordable floor décor, runners are the perfect candidate because you can even install them on your own! So if you just wanted to add a little detail and touch to your stairway and flooring, choose a runner with patterns and designs that match your taste. See to it that the design will blend with your interior and will make your staircase the center of attention.
  • Wooden floors represent simplicity with elegance for decades now. Its distinct beauty is what draws homeowners to have wood as their flooring. So if you have a wooden stairway, keep it that way. Also, a hardwood staircase and floors are odor-free and stain-free, therefore, you do not need to worry so much about keeping it clean or maintained.
  • Tiles can showcase their character, without stressing so much about it. Their explicit designs and patterns can already transform your stairway into something really snazzy and attractive.

Final Thought:

Your staircase is not just designed to connect the different rooms or areas in your home, but to add more character to it. Your architects builders Washington DC can bring out the best of what your home can offer. Not just your stairway, but every room in it as well.