So you have already set your heart on pushing a home renovation project this year with the help of the trusted architects’ builder in your area. You’ve got your kitchen, living room and probably the bedroom on your checklist, however, there are amazing and cool bathroom designs that might fit your taste. Imagine preparing for the day in a stylish bathroom like it has transported you to a different place, nothing beats that experience. So if you wanted to have an awesome mood and an inspiring spirit before you head out your bedroom try giving your bathroom the kind of twist that you will surely be proud of.

Give Your Bathroom A New Face-lift

Reshaping some parts of your home is like opening your doors to new beginnings and experiences. Trying out the latest bathroom designs will give you the opportunity to embrace a fresh start as well as for the rest of your family.

The Secret Of The Misty Interiors

  • Many had believed that once you’ve used darker hues in your interior it will make the room smaller and it never worked with bathrooms as well. But that belief has changed now and it was a good overturn. You just have to make the right blend of light and dark combinations where the darker colors are used in smaller areas and amounts. One great effect is the small dark wall and wooden floor combination while everything else is white or chestnut colored bathroom furnishings.

The Rose Gold Effect

  • Thanks to the rose gold version of the latest iPhone many designers have seen the glamour in this hue. Incorporating this color in your bathroom revamp will definitely give your space a different personality. Just imagine how limitless colors can be when used in your indoor façade.

The Classis Grey

  • This color scheme may seem laid back, but it’s actually a trend this year. Needless to say, the grey bathroom will just provide you with elegance in a subtle way. It offers you both the traditional and modernized bathroom setting that will last for years. It means you don’t have to worry that your bathroom fashion statement will just soon be a fad because it surely is too vogue to become one.

Make Way For the J-Shaped Theme

  • Have you heard of the J-shaped bathroom design? If not, then you can probably opt to this bath fashion if you wanted to give your bath space a trendy, millennial look. The common bath shapes that have been overused in the market are the L-shaped and the P-shape baths, but now with the J-shaped pattern, your bathroom area will instantly give out a fashionable and an up-to-date charm.

The Old-School Patterned Tiles

  • Another classic, but surely have stood the test of the interior fashion industry, patterned tiles continue to make an impression in such an improving way. If you’re aware of the Victorian, Moroccan, and the Spanish tiles then you can already picture how the patterned tiles look like. One way of providing your bathroom a statement is by using plain hues on the walls and patterned tiled as your bath flooring. There are actually two styles that you can choose from: the wooden tiles which are economical and easy to maintain and the metro tiles that offers an array of shades and colors.

The New Age Of Bathroom Furnishings

Try Digital

  • Since almost everything is going digital now, why not welcome in your bathroom too? It only takes a matter of time for you to witness how technology transforms even the littlest things in household furniture so much more in your bathroom. Upgrade your shower system to digital that will give you full control over its temperature and the water flow rate. Plus, you can also save your shower settings for your next use.

Go For Rimless

  • You might find rimless toilets baffling at first, but the moment you fully understood how it works you will surely want one in your bathroom. So to oversimplify it the rimless toilet eliminates the enclosed rim around the top (where water flows out when you flush) instead, it’s designed to have an open space where water flows around making it easier to clean and maintain. It appears also to be more bathroom-sanitary.

End Notes:

Applying the new remodeling trend into your home is not too much at all, you are just giving enough reason to the concept of the word “new” and “fresh”. Your local home remodeling architects Washington, DC can assure you that transforming your usual bathroom into something unimaginable is the best decision you ever made – so far. So enjoy the blessings of your hard work because you deserved it.