Whether you have outgrown your house or you want to give your house a new look, there are plenty of ways to add more space to the house. Which are these ways? Here they are as given by home addition companies:

Enclose the patio

When was the last time you used your patio? If you can’t remember, it might be wise to enclose it and use it as additional space. As you are remodeling the patio, you should note that it will be a lot of work, so be ready for it.

To convert the patio into a livable space, you need to put up the walls, roof, and sometimes the foundation. You can do the work if you are a qualified technician but for the best outcome, let the work be done by an experienced contractor that knows what they are doing.

Finish the unfinished areas of the house

Most homeowners have unfinished areas of the house, and by finishing them, you will have additional space you can use with your family. If you have a room that you don’t currently use, you can remove the junk lying there and turn it into a livable space.

As much as many homeowners have garages, they rarely use them. If you are one of these homeowners that don’t use their garages, you can finish it up and add more space to your house.

Remodel the attic

Does your house have an attic? You can easily turn it into a livable space without breaking the bank. The beauty of the attic is that it is already a stable structure with flooring and a roof. Since it’s already on the house’s main floor, it’s easy to transfer the electrical wiring and additional utilities, making it easy to turn it into a livable space.

It’s common for the attic to be too short for you to be comfortable inside. If this is the case with you and you need to extend the height, do thorough research on the roofing permits and ensure that you have all of them before you begin your project to avoid being on the wrong side of the law.

Bump out your house

If your house still has space for outward extensions, you can bump out the house for additional space. Again, this will be complicated, and it’s best to work with experienced professionals that will properly add to the house without messing with the house’s initial design.

Add a second story

If you don’t have space to bump out the house, you can always add a second story to the house. As you can tell, the project will be expensive, but you can cut the costs by building it off-site then adding it later.

Before beginning this project, ensure that your foundation can handle the extra weight. Of course, this means you need to undertake a battery of tests.

The extra story shouldn’t mess with the house’s original look, so work with expert technicians who know what they are doing.

Add an outdoor kitchen.

If you love barbequing, an outdoor kitchen is a great addition to have. To avoid bringing out plenty of cooking materials from inside the house, include plenty of storage spaces in the kitchen.

It’s also wise to install a sink, so you don’t have to keep hauling water from the kitchen.

Parting shot

These are some ways you can add more space to your house. Whether you want to add a large area or just a small one, ensure that you work with an experienced home addition builder Washington DC who knows what they are doing.

The professional should help with the installation of the extra space and guide you on the best option to go with.