When you’re in need of bathroom ideas for your renovation in Washington, D.C., there are many options to consider. Bathroom remodeling and modernizing can be as simple as new paint, or be more involved with new flooring and cabinets. Here are a few ways you can update your bathroom:

Install New Cabinets

Faded, dingy, or broken cabinets will be one of the first design elements a guest sees when he or she walks into your bathroom. Every time you open a cabinet, you will be reminded that your bathroom is in desperate need of modernization. Installing new cabinets or cabinet doors can create more room, allow easier access to toiletries, and go a long way toward your bathroom remodeling project. There are a variety of cabinet colors and finishes, so choose cabinets that will match the rest of your bathroom in color and style.

Lay New Flooring

Many outdated bathroom floors have improperly sealed laminate, wood, or other outdated materials. In addition to possibly damaging the rest of your bathroom, these badly sealed floors can make your bathroom seem dirty and ugly at times. Updating your flooring to porcelain tiles, stone, or even painted and sealed concrete will do wonders.

Paint New Colors

A good coat of paint can solve almost any outdated room. If you have old wallpaper, then you should update your bathroom walls as soon as possible. Wallpaper is a decorating tool of the past, and it will date your bathroom several decades into the previous century. Consider brightening up your bathroom with a soft blue, tan, or yellow paint. Also, you could incorporate a design or sponge-painting technique to give your walls some character.

Update Fixtures

If you cringe at the rusty fixtures every time you turn the sink faucet, you should update them. These metal, and sometimes plastic, fixtures on your sink, cabinets, toilet, and shower can degrade over the years. Update them regularly to keep them in working order and to match the rest of your bathroom renovations.