Your home should be comfortable and convenient to all members of your family, as well as your guests. A home addition may be the perfect idea to complement your house design near McLean, VA. Based on your needs and layout of your house, your contractors can help you decide which addition would be best. Here are the more common rooms you might consider for your home:

Office, Den, Bedroom

One of the most common home additions is a type of room in the house. This may be a bedroom for a new baby or guests. You might also consider creating more room for a home office if you plan on working from home often. This office could double as a den or library, or you may wish to add on rooms for those needs. If you have large rooms, you may be able to split them into two smaller rooms; or, you could extend into your surrounding property to create a brand new, full-sized room.


If you enjoy the outdoors, but don’t always like the weather, a sunroom may be the perfect addition to your home. Also called Arizona rooms, Florida rooms, solariums, and many more, sunrooms are created with large, open windows or screened walls. This openness allows you to appreciate your yards or views without the outside weather becoming a nuisance. Sunrooms are the ideal construction idea for anyone looking to get closer to nature.

Storage and Garage

Through the years, you and your family are likely to accumulate a lot of furniture, clothes, and knickknacks. If you have a small home, but a large property, why not add on a garage or storage-specific room? Garages are great for protecting your car from the outside elements, but they can easily double as an efficient storage space. You could also consider making your garage big enough for the family cars, as well as for storage; or, you may want to make two separate additions.