The staircase is one of the most important parts of a building, whether residential or commercial. Unless you have your own elevator at home, you cannot go to one floor to another. Or opt to use a ladder instead, which is not a practical solution for home use.

Staircases not only are useful but can also add an interesting touch to your home. That said, it can also be a good idea to renovate your old staircase, or add some aesthetic touch to your existing one. You can come up with a home addition design for your staircase and hire a professional home addition builder.

Why you need to renovate your staircase

Staircases are one of the most overly-used parts of the house. They are there not only to transport you from one floor to another. It can also add an interesting appeal to your home. Because of frequent use, your home’s stairs will eventually have signs of wear and tear.

That means any signs of wear and tear can make your staircase a safety hazard, especially if you have children. Aside from safety reasons, here are other instances that should convince you to hire home remodeling architects for staircase renovation.

For one, an outdated staircase can decrease home value. A lot of home sellers often take their staircases for granted. Not only should it be safe for the entire household but also look nice and appealing to potential home buyers. No one would like to buy a house with stairs that creak as they step on it.

As mentioned, a staircase can also add a refreshing look to your home. You can be creative with your staircase. You can also have your staircase customized by a home remodeling addition professional. You can even add an extra room or storage area under the staircase.

What to consider before renovating the staircase

A staircase renovation is an important investment for your home. But before hiring a home remodel professional, you need to plan for it. You need to consider the following first before starting a staircase renovation.


Before looking into different staircase designs, make sure you have enough space to accommodate the design you want. You don’t want to end up spending on huge banisters that won’t fit in your limited space.


Of course, you need to have a budget to fund your staircase renovation project. You need to factor in the materials needed and rates of home addition companies (for comparing purposes).


The most important thing is to ensure that the staircase is safe for everyone in your household. You also need to choose balustrades and handrails that are sturdy and can last for many years. Of course, one that looks good in your home, too.


There are different kinds of staircases: L-shaped, curved, bifurcated, and straight. All of these staircase designs will add appeal to your home. However, you need to consider the space you have in your home before deciding on the staircase type.

Staircase renovation ideas

There might be some questions before starting a staircase renovation project. From the material to be used, the type of staircase to build, and all of the abovementioned concerns. However, you can utilize your staircase and make the most out of the space you have at home. Here are some staircase renovation ideas to check out!

Make a statement.

You can level up your staircase into a mind-blowing and eye-catching one. For example, you can fuse wood with glass material to add a modern touch to your staircase. Or paint your staircase with colorful paint to add a striking touch to your staircase.

Add lighting.

It is also important to add lighting to your staircase, whether it’s overhead or built-in on each stair step. Not only it highlights the beauty of your staircase but also ensures safety especially during night time.

Utilize the space.

For example, you can build a small room or office area under the staircase. Or perhaps create a storage area for your shoes or house tools or a mini bookshelf under it.

Invest in your staircase

The staircase might be one of the most ignored parts of the house. However, it is actually one of the most important parts of the house that you should pay attention to as well. It adds value to your home, can add aesthetic appeal, and even serve other purposes.

Have you checked your staircase now? If not, do it now and contact companies with affordable home additions in DC for your staircase renovation needs.