Building a home addition may be a necessary thing especially for your growing family. You can hire a professional home addition builder for your home addition needs. There are also various affordable home additions options you can choose from depending on your budget. Whether you opt to build an additional room or convert your attic, home additions require extensive planning and budget to come into fruition.

A home addition can add functionality, beauty, and value to your current home. While it can be exciting to plan for your home addition, it literally comes with a price. It depends on what you want to include in the home addition. Nevertheless, you should have a set budget if you are planning for a home addition.

Getting started

Having a home addition is a good choice for those who want to have an additional living space without moving to another house. As mentioned, it requires creating a timeline, choosing the home remodeling addition option, and hiring a professional home additions builder.

A home addition may take a few weeks to several months to complete depending on the size of the construction area. Your daily life may also get affected by the home improvement project, so make sure to plan some adjustments while construction is ongoing.

The good news is that there are affordable home additions options available. You can choose one that will suit your budget and your home addition requirements. Also, you must ask yourself these crucial questions before taking on a home addition project:

  • How much budget should I allot on the home addition project?
  • How big should the home addition room be?
  • Can the current property space accommodate a home addition?
  • What should I include in the home addition room (e.g. furniture, décor, cabinets, etc.)?

Should you hire a contractor for a home addition project?

As mentioned, a home addition project needs some extensive planning. To accomplish that, you would need to hire a professional contractor. Make sure that the contractor has years of experience in the home improvement industry. You should also check out reviews about the contractor so you can decide whether to hire him or not.

Hiring a contractor for a home addition project can be expensive. You might also think you won’t need one if you want to DIY the home improvement project. However, it can be a wise decision to hire one anyway. For one thing, you can rely on the contractor’s professional skills so that the project will be completed.

Where can you find a reliable and professional contractor? Here are some options you can consider:

  • Find contractors online (make sure to check client feedback)
  • Department of Consumer Protection
  • Better Business Bureau
  • Referrals from friends and family

The Department of Consumer Protection and Better Business Bureau (BBB) most likely have a list of contractors per state or city. These resources also have records of each contractor and any complaints it has encountered and whether these are already resolved. Nevertheless, these sources of information can help a lot in choosing the right home additions builder for you.

How to save money on a home additions project

As mentioned, a home addition project can be expensive depending on the home addition’s size and the construction complexities. However, there are ways to lessen your expense for a home renovation project. Here are some tips you should remember.

Convert your basement or attic (if you have one or both).

Instead of building a bump-out or a separate structure within your property, you can overhaul your attic or basement area if you have one or both at home. Basically, everything is there — perhaps it will only need some repainting, replacing the flooring, and other repairs here and there.

Schedule the renovation during off-season times.

Apparently, home addition costs can be higher during the summer and fall seasons. In such cases, you may consider looking for a contractor during these off-peak times of the year. You can even get discounts during these times.

Consider using recycled materials.

You can find recycled construction materials in your local recycling centers. By using these materials, you can help conserve the environment and save money as well. Make sure to discuss this with the contractor as some of them may not use recycled materials in any construction projects.

Finding a reliable contractor near you

You can choose to do the home addition project on your own as long as you have prior knowledge about it. Otherwise, you should hire a contractor specializing in home remodel in DC.