Apart from aesthetic and functionality, safety should also be among homeowners’ priorities when it comes to maintaining their real estate property. We cannot be certain of the present times, so it won’t hurt to be extra careful these days. Not only with our health (due to the threat of COVID-19) but also your and your family’s safety at home.

If you are also planning to build a home addition, you should also include safety and security measures. Of course, you should also contact the best home addition companies if you want to add a new room to your current home. Home remodeling architects can also help you plan a home addition design that will ensure your household’s safety and make it aesthetic and functional as well.

Keeping your home safe and secured

Safety is one of the most important things that a lot of homeowners tend to forget in a home improvement project. If you look around, there are some houses in several neighborhoods that don’t have a fence or some kind of protective gate in front of their properties.

As mentioned, times are uncertain nowadays. Some things might happen unexpectedly that can compromise you and your loved ones’ safety. Not to mention you might not realize that your home’s safety is already compromised because of an open window and other household habits and things that can potentially attract burglars.

And then Christmas is already coming which means we need to secure our real estate properties. Burglaries and other similar things also don’t only happen at night. It can even happen in broad daylight. That is why you should always keep your home well-guarded and secured no matter the time of the day.

Tips on securing your home

Like how you plan a home remodeling addition, you should also consider how you will keep your home safe and secured. Here are important tips to keep your home safe and secured.

Pay attention to your lighting.

Not only can it highlight your beautiful home especially at night but also deter burglars from intruding on your property. Because burglars wouldn’t want the limelight (literally and figuratively) and see what they are about to do. Make sure to invest in a high-quality night-time lighting system installed outside your home. You can also install motion sensor security lights as well as adding a gravel driveway to catch attention.

Make sure not to forget locking windows and doors.

This is surely the easiest thing to do, but so often almost always forgotten. That is why you should keep your windows and doors locked all the time, even when you are at home. You can also invest in coded locks if there is one available.

Don’t post on social media.

People cannot help but be constantly connected to social media, posting things about their everyday lives. However, doing so can potentially compromise your, your family, and your home’s safety. Best not to mention any out-of-town plans on your social media accounts. Not even posting that you are having coffee in a downtown coffee shop as of this moment.

Decide how high your hedges/fences will be.

This can be a subject of debate but can help in keeping privacy and ensure safety in your home. However, some house security experts suggest cutting high hedges or installing low fences. This is to let neighbors and passers-by see whatever weird is happening within the property.

Planning a safe home addition

Building a home addition is a great way to create an additional living space for your growing family. A home addition also adds value to your home in case you decide to sell it later on. While planning for a home addition, you should also consider how you are going to make your home safe through the above-mentioned tips.

Other than that, here are things you should also consider in planning a home addition.

  • Create a realistic (and achievable) budget.
  • Determine which kind of home addition or home addition design you want (ex. additional room, converting an attic or garage into a guest room, etc.)
  • Check your local area’s zoning codes and laws.
  • Prepare to adjust your daily life while construction is ongoing.

Hiring professional home addition builders

For your home improvement needs, it is better to hire the best home additions builder in DC. It can be tedious and even stressful, but can also be one of the best decisions you can make for your home. But apart from making your home aesthetic and functional, you should consider your home and your family’s safety and security, too.