Most homeowners often take natural light for granted. Instead, they would often splurge on expensive lighting fixtures to enhance the beauty of their interiors. However, most people often do not realize how natural light can do wonders to their house interiors. If you are planning a home remodeling addition, you might want to include ways to let natural light into the home addition design.

Why your home should embrace natural light

A survey conducted by Origin Global found that about 26 percent of homeowners would love to have natural light in their homes. Other “must-haves”, according to the survey, include having a large garden area and dining area/kitchen. No wonder people still prefer natural over artificial light.

For one thing, daylight exposure can help improve our mood. Likewise, it can make your interiors look bigger, brighter, lighter, and more welcoming. Letting natural light can also save you electricity as you don’t have to turn on the lights during the day. Natural light can also freshen the air circulating inside the house.

There are also studies stating that natural lighting lessens the tendency to overeat and oversleep and improves energy levels. Natural light can even improve your work productivity and lessen the risk of depression and other mental health issues. In other words, natural light can do wonders to our health and our usual daily routines.

How to let natural light in your home

If you are in a process of building a home addition, it is better to consider how you are going to let natural light into your home. A home addition design that includes natural light can help you save electricity and uplift your mood. Here are tips you should consider if you want to bathe your home with nature-given light.

Use light-colored paint on your walls.

Ditch the flowery, Grandma-style wallpaper and opt for lighter shades of paint. Home improvement experts suggest using white as the safest bet if you want natural light to come into your home. Lighter shades of paint will make the room look bigger and brighter. On the contrary, dark paint can make a room look constricting and hotter.

When using white paint, you can opt to use off-white hues for a warmer and calmer effect. Avoid using pure white or brilliant white as it can make the room look cold and boring. Also, consider using paint with a satin finish so that light will bounce better in the room.

Place mirrors or any shiny tiles.

Make your kitchen or dining area look bigger by installing reflective tiles or backsplashes. Mirrors can also do wonders in your room, hallway, or living room areas. These can make your room look more spacious and brighter as well.

Relocate your furniture.

Your bulky furniture might be blocking your windows, so make sure not to block them with any furniture or décor. Use sheer or light-colored curtains, or opt for blinds so you can also control the amount of light coming into the house (not to mention add privacy as well).

Turning green to brighten your home

Did you know that plants can also brighten up your home, literally and figuratively? Of course, it depends on the type of plants and how you place them. Growing indoor plants are already a thing, but it became more popular recently during the pandemic. Nonetheless, it is not only a good hobby but also an effective way to brighten your home.

If you are planning a home remodel project, you can include potted plants in your home. Not only plants can make a room look more alive but also lighten up your home. Also, make sure to clean your windows regularly so the light will come through a lot easier.

You might also consider building a sunroom as part of your home remodel project. Utilize the space to ensure that natural light comes into the room. You can also put your indoor plants there and turn it into a place where you can relax and bask under the natural outdoor light.


These are some useful tips you should remember for a brighter and more welcoming home. With a couple of tweaks here and there, you can achieve a house that lets natural light come in more than before. Contact the best home addition companies in Washington DC for your home addition needs.