Home improvement – such a big word, but a must for every home. Especially if you are planning to sell your house soon. Home improvement should not necessarily be something extravagant or expensive. It can be as simple as rearranging furniture or adding a fresh coat of paint on the interior and exterior walls.

But before starting a home improvement project, you should consider a lot of things. Do you need a simple home improvement or home addition? If it is the latter, make sure to hire a reputable home additions builder for your home addition needs.

Getting started

Are you ready to put your house on sale? For one thing, preparing your home for sale can be an overwhelming task. You need to know specific home improvement tasks that can increase your house’s value. Then again, home improvement should not only enhance your house’s look but also improve the home buyer’s quality of living.

Before selling your home, determine what kind of improvement your home needs. Take note that not all home improvement projects can increase your house’s value. For example, repainting chipped walls or replacing broken tiles won’t increase your home’s value. After all, it is necessary to do repairs before you sell anything.

On the other hand, some home improvements can increase home value. This includes installing a solar panel, a home remodel (ex. kitchen or bathroom remodeling), or an outdoor remodeling project (ex. adding a patio area or converting your garage into an additional living space).

Nonetheless, a home improvement project should not only be for aesthetic purposes. It should also help in improving the homeowner’s quality of life. Not to mention it will also help sell the property faster with a higher value.

Easy home improvement tasks before selling your home

Want to sell your home faster? You can hire home remodeling architects for a home remodeling or addition project. Or you can do these easy home improvement tips before putting your house in the real estate market.

Paint your home.

A nice, fresh coat of paint is a cheap but effective way to improve the overall look of your home. Popular paint colors you can use in your interior and exterior walls include beige, gray, pale yellow, light blue, among a few. Avoid trendy wallpaper as it may go out of style soon quickly, or any paint colors that could turn off potential home buyers.

Improve your bathroom.

A lot of people are very particular when it comes to bathrooms. That is why you should consider making improvements in your bathroom area before putting it up for sale. It could be as simple as updating the tiles, re-caulking the shower or tub area, replacing broken shower heads, or replacing the countertop. There is no need to create a luxury bathroom (with the Jacuzzi and all), those are unnecessary and expensive.

Make your home energy-efficient.

This includes adding insulation, installing solar panels, and replacing appliances with energy-efficient ones. Not only can these reduce your electric bills but also increase your house’s resale value.

A home addition, renovation, or remodel?

These terms are often used interchangeably but are actually different. A home addition is building a separate area or room in an existing building. Some examples include building a sunroom or a second-floor master bathroom. Consider hiring home addition companies if you are planning a home addition project.

Meanwhile, a renovation involves some kind of restoration tasks. This includes repainting cabinetry or walls, replacing chipped tiles or broken fixtures, or updating outdated home décor, and the like. Renovations are often minor home improvement projects.

This means a home remodel involves changing part of the entire house’s layout. A newly-remodeled house may look way different than its original look. Some examples include building a room expansion or an installation of a kitchen island. Before choosing which type of these home improvements to do, you should evaluate your home first. Better yet, hire professional home contractors to get the best recommendations.

Put your home out there in the market

By now, you should already know what to do before putting your home on sale. Either you do a renovation, remodel, or home addition. All of these options can add value to your home. However, you should evaluate your home first before starting any home improvement project. For your home addition needs, you should contact the best home additions builder in DC.