So you’ve been seeing a lot of information and tips about backyard and outdoor remodeling ideas, but this time it’s going to be all about upgrading your porch or front entryway area. Your exterior front entry is the first sight that your guests will be seeing every time they come over. It’s your front porch and front door that will be welcoming your visitors and will be greeting you when you come home from work. If you’re having a hard time doing your entryway renovation homework, then here are some tips for you.

Porch and Entryway Ideas

Whether you have a small or a big porch area, you can always spice it up with different tools and accessories to provide your entryway a new character and improve the appeal of your house.

Make Use Of A Covered Overhead As Entrance.

  • Having a covered overhead added or attached to your front door entry does not only serve as an appealing decorative but is also a great shade whenever there is a rain or storm. This looks great on small-spaced porches because it does not only add detail to your main doorway is also a great spot to hang out with your guest or just have a coffee or tea time.

You Will Never Go Wrong With Lanterns

  • Lanterns are not just for indoors sitting on your grandmother’s side table rather they can also perfectly accentuate your outdoor area too. Having the right lighting posted or hanging from your front entrance and porch will totally elevate the façade of your entryway. There are a wide variety of lanterns you can choose for your porch area from the traditional to the modern ones. But classics will always present you that nostalgic feeling so going for the old-fashioned lanterns will transport your guests back to the old times.

Consider A Door Replacement

  • Door designs are silently presenting a huge impact on the totality of your home. That although you have modernized your windows and reconstructed the architectural tone for your entire house, that sentimental-looking grandfather’s door seems to be representing your home the opposite way. Match your door with how modern or classic your house is styled.

The Classic Window Boxes

  • Window boxes are the timeless classics of outdoor home décor. But there are also styles that will perfectly fit the different modern window styles no matter what kind of paint or finish it may be. But, you see, these old-school flower boxes never run out of style and so will your windows once you’ve accessorized them with these seamless boxes.

More Exterior Décor Ideas

Gate Is Still In

  • Protection or exterior décor it doesn’t matter. Mini gates together with landscaping can go beyond your wildest outdoor ideas. As classic as they look, low masonry gates or wooden gates will just give your front garden entrance a classical ambiance. It’s like you’re experiencing the 70’s or the 80’s this 21st Try experimenting with it and it will place you on the map.

Remodel Your Driveway

  • It may be your least priority, but your driveway is part of your entrance area so it should also look stunning. It should also match the way your home is styled or how the rest of your front and backyard garden is themed. Add a little-cluttered concrete, brick or some masonry and it can already keep up with the curb appeal of your entire home.

Let Your Garage Door Match Your Home Design

  • Remember that your garage door should never be off with the entire architectural design of your home. It should match with the exterior of your house because it is part of the house. If it’s visible from the main street, add some outdoor lamps or solar LED lights in your driveway garage area and notice the difference.

Roofing Is Everything

  • The roof is like your home’s crowning glory. When it looks bad, it is bad and when it looks great, then it is great. Investing in quality roofs does not only protect the house from water-pouring seasons but also add value to the entire house. With the right style and theme, your roof can already speak for the entire house with a positive impression.

It’s A Wrap

After you pay attention to your backyard, maybe you can also give the same attention to your front yard. An impression is everything and once your guests see how inviting and welcoming your porch is that will be enough to give them an initial view of how warm your home is. The home remodeling architects Washington DC can do the job for you and will guarantee you that your investment will really pay off.